Pros and cons of realistic sex toys

Realistic sex toys are hugely popular. They are produced for men and women, in their appearance they are very similar to a real body. And they feel real to the touch, the surface is soft and velvety like leather. But such things have pros and cons, and you should know about them before buying such a device. We found all the advantages and disadvantages.

Realistic sex toys – what are they, what are they?

For women make realistic dildos . They mimic the shape of real penises. At the same time, they are quite flexible, although they keep their shape. They can be painted in different colors, wreaths are often drawn on the surface. In this case, the scrotum may or may not be present. Bend, head size, diameter and length are always different in order to find the right shape for yourself. For men, they create realistic masturbators . These are mouths, butts and vaginas that mimic the real human body. The relief inside is thought out to the smallest detail, and if you close your eyes, when immersed, it seems that real sex is happening, and not just masturbation. 


Such high realism is achieved due to special materials. Each company keeps its composition for production a secret. The base is usually TPR or TPE, but with special additives. Such materials are often referred to as “cyber skin” . There are also other designations: UR3, Realskin, Cyberskin, New supersoft, Pure skin, Realskin, ULTRA REALISTIC 3.0. 

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