What is the difference between female and male vacuum pumps?

Women’s and men’s pumps have different shapes and purposes. For men, they help strengthen the erection and enlarge the penis. Female pumps also affect breast arousal and size. But the principle of operation of the devices is very similar, it is associated with a change in pressure . And every year the demand for pumps is increasing. So which pump is more useful in a pair – female or male? 

How does a vacuum pump work?

A pump is a multi-piece construction. This is a flask in which pressure is regulated. A pear or pump that pumps out air. And sometimes there is also a vibrating element that gives a pleasant sensation during application.

The flask is applied to the body. For example, a penis needs to be immersed in a male flask. The breast pump is applied to the area around the nipples. Then, inside, they begin to pump out air. The process can always be carried out at different speeds.

A change in pressure causes a rush of blood to the applied site . And the less air in the pump, the stronger the effect is. A pear or pump allows you to control the pressure. You can let in air at any time to reduce pressure on the fabric. There are manual and automatic pumps 

 . The first are controlled by the palms, the person himself controls the pressure process. Automatic models pump out air with a motor, you can set the desired pressure parameters in advance.

How does a male pump work?

Men’s pumps are created for the penis. This is a useful tool for those who are not sure of their erection. Application allows you to cause blood flow to the penis, and this is a confident “riser” . To prevent the blood from draining, they also put on an erection ring. As a result, a man can make love without fear of falling. And this is a safer method than taking stimulant drugs. You can also use a vacuum pump to enlarge the penis . If you deal with it every day, it will lead to the expansion of the cavernous bodies. And this increase is not only in length, but also in diameter. The effect will have to be maintained by applying the device again at least once a week. But then you can do without surgery. 


How does a female vacuum pump work?

Most female pumps are created for pleasure . For example, the clitoral pattern induces blood flow to the perineum. The effect of tissue swelling occurs. Active blood circulation activates all nerve endings, each touch of the body becomes more intense. Sometimes one touch of the clitoris is enough for a lady to experience an orgasm. Breast pumps come in a variety of sizes. Small ones are put on the nipples. Again, the application causes an increase in sensitivity. Even during use, excitement occurs, and after touching it seems magical. Sometimes the pumps are supplied with vibration so that it becomes possible to experience the extravaganza of sensations only from the caresses of the breasts. Pumps for breast augmentation are distinguished separately . The flask at the bottom is larger in volume, it is installed around the nipple. Pressure regulation promotes tissue growth. You don’t need to think that you will be able to increase the bust by 2 sizes. The result reaches 0.5 sizes. But the skin becomes more elastic and well-groomed. 



Which pump should a pair buy?

Choosing between female and male is wrong. These are different things, they are created for different purposes. If you want to increase the number of her orgasms , a clitoral pump will be helpful. If you want to caress the breast, you can take a pump for her, both partners can use it. Men are needed for confidence and training. The cost of vacuum pumps is not high, and the result of their use is very noticeable. That is why every year more and more people buy such devices for personal use. On our site a huge selection of pumps at the best prices in the country. Delivery is carried out to any locality in Russia in a short time. 

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