5 things you don’t need to have during sex

There are generally accepted rules of sex, they are recommended to adhere to hundreds of materials on the network, but all of them break. There are things and behaviors without which intimacy can be vivid and memorable. And although everything does not happen “according to the textbook”, everyone is satisfied. So what can you not use in bed?

1. Sexy lingerie

You can do without stockings and lace panties. Millions of people prefer comfortable underwear over beautiful things. Cotton is more pleasant to the touch, it sits well on the skin, and although it looks less impressive, it is very practical.

Many couples do not undress each other . They take off their clothes in the bathroom, and the partner does not notice what was on them. Therefore, beautiful lingerie can be left for special occasions, it is not necessary in everyday life .  

2. Oral sex

Many people believe that oral sex is a necessary part of intimacy. But no, you can easily do without a blowjob and cunnilingus . Someone does not want to spend efforts on this, others consider the process not very pleasant, and someone is not ready to give reciprocal affection. And everyone makes their choice. And the lack of such experiences does not make the intimacy “incomplete”. Oral sex can be easily replaced with erotic massage. Performing it with exciting oil, it will turn out to give your loved one no less pleasure. An alternative is the use of sex toys. A woman will be pleased with a vacuum stimulator or vibrator, a man with a masturbator. And if a partner guides an intimate object, it will turn out interesting. 


3. Anal sex

Not all couples practice this kind of caress. And although many have tried, petting is rarely a part of the regular game. And if someone in a couple does not like it, do not insist.

Many fears are associated with caressing the anus, sometimes embarrassment or even guilt. And it is emotions that do not give you relaxation , not just pain or discomfort. And it is difficult to overcome all this, and it is better to spend time on something pleasant for two than to look for delights in anal sex that does not attract. 

4. Moans and screams

In porn, heroes always make a lot of sounds, it looks exciting. But thousands of couples all over the world make love very quietly, as children or parents are somewhere nearby. And that doesn’t make their contact less enjoyable. Moans are not necessary for pleasure, their presence and absence is a matter of habit and personal preference. Over time, people get used to not making noise, it becomes the norm. Therefore, it is not necessary to wake up all the neighbors with shouts. Quiet sex is equally enjoyable.  

5. Multiple orgasms

It is believed that all women dream of multiple orgasms. But this is not the case. Very often , one ending is enough for a girl , and she loses interest in further practices. For the second, third or fifth peak of pleasure, she will not have enough physical or mental strength. There is a situation when one of the partners does not have an orgasm at all. And that’s okay too, if it doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes the ending does not come, this is due to a lot of factors, it is not something special. Only when there are no orgasms at all, the situation needs to be corrected. But for this, hundreds of different sex toys have been created that help to get the desired experience. For pleasure in sex, experiments and accessories are not always needed. They help to add variety, but their use is not acceptable every time. Sometimes quick sex without preparation, groans gives more pleasure than the evening for which they were preparing. But good sex is impossible without quality protection. This is especially important with an unfamiliar partner. And if it’s easy to do without erotic lingerie, then it’s not always worth making love without condoms. 

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