Potency reduction: what are the main causes and what are the solutions?

Career, family, household issues … In the cycle of problems, many men put off their own health concerns, returning to them only after the discomfort becomes apparent.

One obvious example is erectile dysfunction. On the one hand, sexual weakness is a subject of fear for many men. On the other hand, the weakening of sexual potential at first is rarely taken seriously. Meanwhile, the very first signs of a decrease in potency in men must necessarily attract attention and become an occasion for consultation with a specialist.

Potency problems: psychology or physiology?

Traditionally, the problem of erectile dysfunction has been associated with age: the older the man, the more problems he has in the genital area. However, doctors are starting to sound the alarm: erectile dysfunction is noticeably younger. Starting from the age of 25, a modern man may experience periodic manifestations of this symptom. Moreover, the key reasons for reducing potency in young men today are considered not stress and psycho-emotional disorders, but chronic diseases and lifestyle characteristics.

So, what are the main factors in reducing sexual strength in men?

  • infectious diseases (often in a chronic form);
  • diseases associated with metabolic destabilization (including obesity);
  • prostatitis;
  • vascular damage;
  • bad habits;
  • diabetes;
  • neurotic disorders, prolonged stress, depression;
  • acquired or congenital defects of the male genital organ.

It should be noted that these factors do not always lead to the development of sexual dysfunction, but the very first signs of a worsening erection or decreased libido should signal the need for a visit to the doctor. Only a specialist will be able to identify the true causes of dysfunction and exclude the presence of serious diseases that may be hidden behind the symptom.

The fight against decreased potency: on all fronts

Of 100% of men who have experienced sexual weakness, only 10% will immediately contact a doctor and will actively work to resolve this issue. The rest, for various reasons, the main one of which is embarrassment, will ignore the “first calls”, bringing the problem to its peak. That is why the first step to the return of sexual power should be recognition of the problem, and after the desire to get rid of it.

The reasons for the decrease in potency in men and its treatment are interrelated and suggest correction not only medically, but also psychological, as well as serious changes in lifestyle and nutrition.

If the reason for the decrease in potency in young or mature men is not physiological factors, then to normalize libido and sexual potential, it is necessary:

  • abandonment of habits that negatively affect potency – smoking, frequent drinking;
  • balancing the diet – it is important to add vitamins to the menu, eliminate fatty cholesterol dishes and fast food, love sauerkraut, watermelon and dark chocolate;
  • make lifestyle more active, but without excessive physical exertion;
  • avoid stressful situations, be able to relax and switch attention to the positive aspects;
  • avoid hypothermia and carefully monitor personal hygiene;
  • Do not get involved in promiscuous sexual relationships.

If the situation with a decrease in potency is not critical, there is no need to resort to drug therapy. A positive effect in combination with lifestyle correction can be achieved by taking the Vuka-Vuka herbal supplement, which has a mild corrective effect on the body.

Vuka-Vuka – a means to harmonize sexual life

Viagra is firmly entrenched in the minds of men, as the main drug for the rapid treatment of male impotence. However, it is widely known that this drug has a “one-time” effect – in other words, it is comparable to a “magic pill”, which will give you strength and confidence, but only once.

Who wants to have sex on a schedule and generally deprive themselves of the pleasure of spontaneous, bright, unlimited love? If you want to have a stable potency, not depend on pills and avoid unpleasant side effects, your choice is natural sexual stimulants, an example of which is Vuka-Vuka. 

Vuka-Vuka contains five unique herbs that grow in South Africa and are excellent aphrodisiacs: the triumph of Welwitch, tree heteromorph, securine viroza, and carissa roots. Supplements well reveals its stimulating capabilities in the prevention of sexual dysfunction and is able to give a pronounced result in the first week after the start of administration.

Vuka-Vuka has properties that can quickly and effectively normalize erectile function and establish a sexual life:

  • improves blood flow to the pelvic organs;
  • dilates blood vessels in the penis;
  • increases sexual stamina and adds energy;
  • strengthens and restores sexual function;
  • strengthens potency;
  • stimulates sexual desire;
  • makes sexual experiences more vivid;
  • increases the duration and improves the quality of sexual intercourse.

But perhaps the main advantage of Wook-Wook is the prolonged effect. The course of the drug is designed to ensure that you do not just solve the problem “here and now” – the positive effect will accumulate in the body, gradually moving away from you memories of problems with Vuka-Vuka potency, will return self-confidence and become the key to a new, rich and multifaceted sex life.

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