Love by the rules and … without?

You watched the lyrical comedy “Love by the rules and … without”, where unfading Jack Nicholson acted as the young man Don Juan? He actively “stuck” to the young, but he suddenly had a true feeling for his peer lady, played by 58-year-old Diana Keaton. Young, but charming, what a darling, the actress was not afraid to be naked in the frame, for which she was awarded a nomination for an Oscar and Golden Globe.  

Nicholson himself says about this film: – He is funny, touching, intelligent. In addition, he opens a new topic in the cinema. We have a few films about the sex life of people who are sixty or over sixty! It used to be that such paintings have no audience. But now the demographic situation has changed, now they are in great demand! Recently changed and sexual reality. Now there are no longer those psychological age barriers that existed before – neither for men nor for women. I am 63, and I judge this from my own experience. And I have it rich!

Of course, people in the last century began to live long. And, living for a long time, what’s the point of getting old early? Have you met older people who are in love, love? If you met, then you probably could notice how they are strikingly different from their sullen, irritable, grumbling peers, who talk only about illness and medicine, about pensions and rents? The lucky ones, whom in their declining years an angel of love overshadowed, are indeed getting younger before our eyes. 

In fact, many seniors experience late love as a platonic feeling. However, in terms of sex, the elderly can also do something. Despite the official point of view (oh, this notorious “ageism”!), According to which grandparents are too old to think about sex, they are really interested in him. Youth and sexuality of a person are determined by his internal state.

An interesting work was carried out by scientists at the National Institute of Aging, one of the units of the US National Institute of Health (NIH). The study involved 3 thousand Americans aged 57 to 85 years. And its result indicates that sexual activity is affected, indeed, not so much by age as by psychological attitude. At the same time, the researchers understood by sexual activity “any bilateral activity associated with sexual contacts, regardless of whether the partners are experiencing an orgasm”. 

Most respondents under the age of 74 claimed that in the 12 months preceding the study, they had had an active sex life involving “at least one partner.” Three quarters (73%) of men and women aged 57–64 years and more than half (53%) aged 65–74 years had active sex life or claimed to be leading it. Even among people aged 75–85, more than a quarter (26%) had sex. Two-thirds of respondents aged 65 to 74 years and 54% aged 75 to 85 reported having sex at least 2-3 times a month. Just under a quarter of sexually active men and women 70–90 years old say they have sex once a week or more often. In the youngest category of subjects, sexual activity “always or usually” implied vaginal sex. However, surprisingly, most of them (60% of the youngest respondents and 31% of the older age group) also practice oral sex.

Women of all ages reported their sexual activity much less often than men, including because they often outlive their partners. About half of sexually active men and women are saddled with at least one sexual disorder. 37% of men experience problems with erection, and 43% of sexually active women complained of a weakening desire. Almost one in seven (14%) of the men surveyed admitted that they use “medications or nutritional supplements” to improve their sexual function.

We will not say that, they say, old people just boast or wishful thinking. The research team claims that the methods of interviewing that they used are “recognized as completely reliable” and confirm that older people are interested in and practice sex, although many encounter unpleasant sexual problems that negatively affect health and relationships.

Richard Sazman, head of the social research program at the National Institute of Aging, said the study “for the first time indicated that vitality and an interest in sex life that did not seem to be perceived as an important part of the life of the older generation, persisted in old age. “

This is how older Americans feel sexually. Of course, the quality of their life allows them not to get hung up on the everyday problems that their Russian peers are burdened with. For the most part, our retirees are not up to sex – I would be living. But after all, the feelings and aspirations of people, wherever they live, are the same everywhere. Everyone wants to love and be loved, to experience the joy of spiritual and physical communication, to prolong their youth, to nourish life with various emotions!   

So let us remember the words of the great sage Bernard Shaw: “We do not grow old because we grow old, but because we cease to love early.” Let’s love and not grow old! 

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