Matrosit and threw?

“The world is small: in the end, we will meet in bed.”
(B. Bardo)

What does a woman need to be happy? So she had a beloved man who would reciprocate. And also family, children, peace of mind and confidence in the future. We all in our youth dream of a man who is impeccable in all respects, and then we marry his exact opposite. Real life is far from your dreams and often prepares surprises for us.    

As long as men and women exist , the theme of jealousy and betrayal will continue to be relevant. Let’s figure out what pushes men to such actions, since it is precisely the husband’s infidelity that is the reason why women turn to me for individual advice.  

Why are they cheating? With all the outward frivolity, many men strive for a constant and reliable, kind and affectionate, loving and caring woman. It was they only in the words ” would go down from the mountains and slowly … the whole herd.” Most normal men seek stability and reliability in their families. But there are punctures. Why?   

Each of you, first of all, is interested in why my husband is cheating, while the friend’s neighbor and husband are faithful to their wives? If my husband still has not cheated on me, then what could be a potential reason, and how to prevent it? Is it possible to avoid adultery? How to relate to them?   

Reasons for cheating

Treason is usually caused by some unmet needs. 

Sexual dissatisfaction
Due to the difference in temperament of the spouses. This introduces discord in the daily relations of the spouses, there is irritation on both sides. In such families, husbands often start drinking, lose interest in family affairs, begin to look for a more attractive lover, and can even file for divorce.

Athletes of sex
There are few of them, but they are and come across unhappy women. They regularly need regular “victories” over members of the opposite sex. They cannot be blamed, for the reason for their behavior is their nature. The life of such people takes place in bars and discos, where you can find a partner for the night. A characteristic feature of these people is the frequent change of partners.

There is a group of men who seek to experience additional pleasure. Spend an evening with friends, girlfriends, have fun, and if you’re lucky, then get something new. Look close at slender legs, new tights, catch the mysterious smells of skin and hair, listen to sensual conversations – that’s what attracts these men.  

Confluence of circumstances
Some men change because of an accidental combination of circumstances. However, like women. The same notorious business trip or vacation in Sochi for 3 nights. I do not advise talking about cheating on my spouse. Why tell him that had no consequences? If you love your husband, then you should not talk about it so as not to hurt him. It is impossible to hide only that which will not succeed in hiding, and that, in the long run, can harm the family. Your pregnancy is from another, you fell out of love with your husband, but are afraid to admit it, etc. But from a one-time admission, unpleasant consequences may arise: scandal, jealousy, divorce or worse. Do you need it?     

General fatigue from marriage
If marriage is built on stereotypical relationships, fatigue sets in and you want to go to the left. Spouses do not see the gap in life. Gray everyday life does not brighten up anything. The scheme “home – work – home” does not break, and this is gradually transferred to sexual relations. Sex turns into boredom and also proceeds according to the scheme: a short prelude – an orgasm – a dream. And if you are sometimes not able to change the living conditions, place of work, profession, then you can change the conditions of sexual life without much work.      

It happens that extramarital affairs come from a sense of respect, admiration, even fanaticism. For example, girls who are fans of pop artists.  

Office novels
Relationships can be very diverse. Some of them take the character of explicit coercion.

Search for the eternal ideal
A man outside the family is looking for what he does not receive in the house. A woman, too, is looking for her ideal in her lover , which does not consist in the length and thickness of the male organ, but in a thousand little things that are sometimes simply incomprehensible to outsiders. “There is nothing in her!” “What did he find in her?” Such a thing is often heard. 

Friendship sex
Often it happens along the way. Friends of the opposite sex, often communicating with each other, begin to cross the boundaries originally established in communication between strangers. The relationship development scheme looks like this. Friends are married couples. Often communicate. After some time, someone begins to realize that he loves or simply “wants” another. Sometimes nothing happens, sometimes it happens after a long time. And their life is filled with new secret joys.  

Treason as revenge
Women often for extramarital affairs pushes revenge for treason or a bad attitude to her husband. From the moment a husband cheats on a woman, a moral right arises to answer in the same way. And the woman is driven by pain, from which she hopes to free herself through revenge. But, as a rule, this revenge leads women to an even greater impasse.   

Emotional Alienation of Spouses
Marital infidelity often occurs when family relationships resemble the Ice Palace. In this kingdom of eternal ice, they never swear, walls do not melt from the heat of passion. Respect is respected. Guests do not go to the sad palace. Sex happens only according to plan and strictly in the allotted time for this. An emotional wife will silently hate a restrained, unperturbed husband.  

Making Money
There are many women (and more recently, quite a few men) for whom extramarital sex is a way to make money. Married professional prostitutes have sex because of money. There are wives who only earn extra money by receiving money or expensive gifts. The family does not know about additional income. Among these women there are very educated, having advanced degrees. Outwardly, these are attractive, fit, sleek women.  

Treason caused by love can probably be justified. If it is about love, not love. Sex in this case is, as it were, a matter of course in the complex mechanism of human relations built on love.  

It happens ! 

The real case:
One man, leaving his wife to live for his mistress, said: “Look, don’t walk here without me … I’m most likely to be back soon.”

It is very difficult to be a happy woman , but it is necessary because they return to the nominal, they are loved, they are serenaded and given the moon.  

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