What is Pole dance?

Pole dance is one of the areas of modern dance. It is also called “pole dance” or “pole dance”. In Russia, this direction appeared relatively recently, but has already acquired the character of an epidemic. Pole dance is now taught at any decent fitness center. And this is not surprising. Pole dance is terribly interesting, it develops plasticity, improves stretching and coordination, gives a huge load to the muscles, creates excitement and incredibly increases self-esteem. Being engaged in a pylon, you do not even have to go to a tedious gym. Instead, it’s better to enjoy listening to music with what your body is capable of.  

In the classical sense, pole dance is part of a striptease. Striptease, in turn, is a well-known dance, consisting of erotic movements of the hips, sweeps of loose hair , etc. However, having migrated from strip to fitness clubs, the strip was called strip plastic, and the elements performed on the pylon , got their own development, and a new direction in fitness appeared – pole dance. Do not confuse pole dance with regular striptease or strip plastic. Because it is a sport requiring significant physical exertion. Can you imagine a gymnast on the crossbar? Here with the pylon about the same, only in an upright position.     

Of course, there are different levels of professionalism of “dancers”. If there is no desire to achieve any serious results, then it is quite possible to do with strip plastic + simple elements with a pole. Simple elements are the most basic, elementary twists (the element executed on a pylon is called twist). For example – you hold your hands on a pole and cling to it with your foot under the knee. It is worth saying that pylons exist spinning and static. Usually used spinning, but in good schools and fitness centers there are both.  

Elementary twists are needed in order to get used to the pylon, master it, learn how to hold your weight with your hands. This will take you 2-4 lessons, depending on your physical fitness. Next, the work begins more complicated. You have to learn twists at the top of the pylon (and for this you will need to learn how to climb), twists with twines and even twists are akin to acrobatic exercises. An experienced dancer, for example, can hold her body with one hand parallel to the pylon, being upside down, and even depicting a beautiful twine in the air.

If you are eager to experience this lesson on yourself, then I will try to give you some recommendations 

Firstly , it will be difficult. You can’t even imagine how much. In the first lesson, you definitely will not get anything sensible, so don’t even think to be upset. It usually starts to turn out only once from the third. 

Secondly , they will tell you to take high-heeled shoes for classes. But do not rush to put on your working “boats” or old sandals, which are “not a pity.” In fact, shoes in the classroom are completely optional. And from ordinary shoes you get very tired. Do you know the feeling when you ran all day in high heels? And even more so if they are below average … 

For this kind of dance, only professional shoes are suitable, the so-called strips – shoes or boots on a platform and huge heels. The height of the platform is 1.5 cm, 4.5–5 cm, 6.5 cm, 8.5–9.5 cm, as well as very extreme, “freak” shoes, used only by dancers in strip clubs. These shoes do not give a strong load on the ankle, which means that their legs get tired much less than in ordinary ones. And do not be afraid of a tall heel, when you try them on, you will understand that they are very comfortable. You can buy them in specialized stores, if available in your city, or in the online store of clothes and shoes for shows. Such stores trade by mail and cash on delivery. The package will go around 2 weeks. The cost of such shoes in online stores – from 2500-3000 thousand.     

Professional shoes on the platform are also convenient in that, when doing the twists, you will have to push as much as possible off the floor, and they coolly increase the push force and, therefore, improve the quality of the twist. In principle, I would advise them to purchase. Well, at least in order to feel how it is – for real. For classes, sandals with a platform of 1.5-4.5 cm are suitable . If you do not care, then just do barefoot. This is much more convenient than amateurish options.      

Thirdly – in the classroom, you should definitely have bare legs and arms to the shoulders. The best option is short shorts and a topic. The fact is that to perform twists, friction between a metal pole and skin is necessary. The fabric will simply slide and nothing will come of it. Now some companies produce special clothes for pole dance from non-slip fabrics. If, again , it matters to you, you can search the Internet.    

Fourth , a very important point – injuries. Injury number one, from which nothing will ever save you – Bruises. For the first couple of weeks, your legs will simply be covered in huge black bruises. However, over time, the skin gets used, and the bruises go away. Special creams will help speed up the healing process.  

Next – dislocations and sprains. It goes without saying that stretching is important in pole dance. Warm up and stretching exercises should be carried out at the beginning of each lesson. If you are not a gymnast and twine for you – this is something from the category of science fiction, do not overdo it. Otherwise, you can easily pull the nerve, pull or even tear the muscle and lose working capacity for a long time. In addition, you can knock out a joint or dislocate a hand. The latter injury, by the way, is very common. The advice here is the same – do not overdo it if you feel sorry for yourself. I was not very sorry, so I probably survived all of the above. The fact that with high heels you can easily tuck your leg, I no longer mention.   

Another nuance is calluses on the palms. They can be quite impressive. Many endure, and coaches, as a rule, always deal with bare hands. However, I advise you to buy ordinary leather car gloves. They will secure your pens from corns, save your strength and in general – to engage in them is much simpler and more convenient.  

A couple more tricks – before training, you can not smear your body with creams or oils, and do not open windows or turn on the air conditioning during the training, as the cold pylon becomes very slippery. 

That, in general, is all. It remains to add a few words about what kind of trainers are. And the pole dance trainers are former professional dancers or athletes who are keen on the pylon, strip club dancers who work part time in schools, those who once started as a student and eventually got involved. It is best, of course, to learn from professionals. Because they can teach you even the most difficult twists, competently conduct a warm-up and give the right load. 

When choosing a place for training, be guided not by the prestige of the gym, but by the professionalism of the trainer. Although this recommendation is more likely for those who have already been involved in some kind of dancing or a suitable sport earlier, for those who need serious loads. For ladies who are less sophisticated in this matter, the choice of a coach is much simpler. You can go to any dancer who will help you master the basics of pole dance. 

When preparing for a workout, do not forget to bring a bottle of water, leather gloves, a warming cream from sprains and bruises, a cream from tired legs, a hair clip and a good mood.

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