Intimate relationships and 5 myths about them

Unfortunately, the statistics of unsuccessful relationships have been disappointing lately. More and more couples are breaking up. Why is this happening? Everyone knows that intimate relationships are the foundation for building a life together. But lately they have been overgrown with myths and legends. When something goes wrong with young people in bed, they do not try to get to the bottom of the truth and correct the situation, but believe stupid assumptions and part .

Myth 1: A Good Couple Should Have Similar Sexual Preferences

Do not blindly believe the claim that in good couples partners have the same sexual preferences. Each person is an individual and has the right to his desires, whims, whims of needs, etc. With this in mind, conflicts can be avoided. Just accept the fact that you are different and make concessions. During intimacy, seek compromises and embody the sexual fantasies of your loved one. Who knows, maybe not much time will pass, and you will also like this game .

Myth 2. It’s not scary if there is less romance

Experienced couples assure that over time, romantic moments in a relationship are becoming less and less, and there is nothing to worry about. You shouldn’t believe them. This is a wake-up call. If you don’t have the desire to say words of love to your soulmate, you don’t feel the blood boiling in your veins when he touches you, then the attraction to your partner has begun to disappear and the relationship is dying. It’s time to urgently revive them. Think of romantic dinners, moonlit walks and other cute little things. The main thing every day is to let your chosen one understand how important he is to you.

Myth 3. Men need sex more often than women

This statement is complete nonsense. Sexual temperament is a purely individual criterion. Experts conducted research, and based on the data obtained, they concluded that most of the fair sex have a stronger libido. However, there is one caveat. A woman’s sexual desire is more than a masculine one related to the environment and the situation. Therefore, women are less likely to openly demonstrate it.

Myth 4. Opposites attract

There is some truth in this. At first, a person is always interested in learning something new and expanding his horizons. However, do not forget to respect the preferences of your chosen one. Experience is important in love and sex. With experience comes the understanding that the values ​​that your partner honors are very important, and you must respect and accept them.

Myth 5. Happy couples have sex every day.

Many people are convinced that sexual relations are fundamental to building a strong family. However, this statement is true for temperamental individuals who have a high level of libido. But for many, intimacy is not at the head of the relationship, and they need some time and experience to learn how to have pleasure with a partner during sex. You shouldn’t try to match outside opinions. You yourself must determine how much sex there will be in your life.
As you can see, all these myths cannot be taken literally. Each of them needs to be tried on and questioned. If you understand that this statement does not apply to you, then you should not pay attention to it. However, if this statement does not give rest, then you can always find some kind of compromise.

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