8 incredible historical facts about sex

If the history of sex was taught in educational institutions, it would become one of the most popular disciplines. It turns out that our ancestors did not deny themselves intimate pleasures, and in some ways they were even very successful. Find out what facts about the sexual relations of people of different eras are known to researchers of the past, but are not advertised in the reference literature.

Impotence test

In the Middle Ages in France, impotence was a serious reason for divorce. But the words of the dissatisfied wife were not enough. To get permission for a divorce, a woman had to prove her husband’s sexual impotence in front of a jury in the courtroom. But physical proximity was forbidden in this case. The man had to imagine sexual intercourse with his wife. If he did not achieve the required degree of arousal, impotence was considered confirmed.

Fake virginity

As you know, our ancestors did not approve of a woman entering into an intimate relationship before legal marriage. But this did not prevent some of the girls from leading a free sex life before marriage. In order to successfully pass the virginity test on their wedding night, they applied a leech to the labia so that traces of blood remained on the bed, indicating defloration.

Sweaty aphrodisiac

In ancient Rome, the female half of the population used the sweat of gladiators as an aphrodisiac . Wealthy ladies could afford to have their own mercenary warrior at home, from whose body they collected sweat and smeared themselves to moisturize their skin and achieve arousal during sexual pleasures.

Ancient roman brothels

Sexual services in ancient Rome were completely legal. Even men sold their bodies. There were even special signs by which it was possible to find the appropriate “house of tolerance”. These were stone slabs depicting a phallus.

Sex clubs

The male half of the population of Scotland often attended special institutions where it was possible to freely read erotic literature and indulge in passion with women. To become a member of such a sex club, it was necessary to go through a kind of initiation rite : to drink your own sperm.

Orgasm treatment

During the Victorian era, patients were treated with genital massage for nervousness, anxiety, and insomnia. It was believed that women suffering from hysteria could be cured by causing a “seizure”, ie. orgasm.

Ancient dildo

In one of the caves in Germany, archaeologists unearthed the world’s oldest dildo , which, according to rough estimates, is about 28 thousand years old. To use the sex toy as intended, it has been carefully polished. The size of the artificial phallus is also impressive – 20 cm.

Tickling your feet as a foreplay

Before intimate meetings with her husband, Catherine II prepared herself for intimacy in a very original way. To get excited and tune in the right way, she liked to listen to indecent stories that people specially hired for this told her (as a rule, girls without complexes). While the empress was turned on by vulgar stories, the eunuchs tickled her feet with feathers, which brought Catherine to the desired degree of excitement.
Sex at any time has been an important part of a person’s life. Our ancestors paid no less attention to the intimate sphere than any other. It would be foolish to assume that in ancient times people did not make love, on the contrary, physical intimacy was perceived not only as a way to prolong the race, but also as the most accessible source of carnal pleasure.

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