Intimate gymnastics for women

Did you know that lack of orgasm is the first sign of weak muscles in the intimate area. After all, it is the elastic and strong muscles of the vagina that allow women to experience the entire spectrum of sensual pleasure during intimacy. Do not panic and despair. The situation can be corrected with the help of intimate gymnastics.

Expert opinion

Sexologists believe that training intimate muscles has the most positive effect on women’s health. First of all, these are:
· Prevention of gynecological diseases;
· Preparation for pregnancy and labor;
· Recovery after childbirth;
· Improvement of blood circulation and normalization of metabolism in the pelvic area;
· Relief of the premenstrual period;
· Increasing the level and quality of intimate life;
· Longer and brighter orgasms;
· Relief of periods of high tide during menopause.


For training to be effective, you need to follow certain rules and recommendations:
· Train regularly ;
· You can train everywhere;
First week: each exercise 10 times, do 5 sets a day;
· Second week: each exercise 15 times, the number of approaches is the same;
· The third week and beyond: each exercise 20 times , the number of approaches unchanged;
· The use of vaginal balls is recommended .

Looking for vaginal muscles

Get into a comfortable position and relax. Insert your finger into your vagina. After that, it must be compressed. You should feel that your finger is wrapped around a tight ring, try to breathe evenly at this time. You have determined the location of the intimate muscles with which you will work.



One of the easiest exercises. In this case, you need to try to squeeze the muscles of the vagina as much as possible (imagine that you really want to go to the toilet, but there is no way to go), and stay in this tension for 5-10 seconds, after which they need to be relaxed.


In this case, you need to do the same manipulations as in the previous exercise. The only difference is that now it should be done much faster, every 2-3 seconds.


Remember your labor activity, and how you had to make attempts for the baby to be born. Now we do all the same, straining the intimate muscles.
Do not forget that intimate gymnastics is also a type of physical activity. To achieve and consolidate the result, classes must be regular. However, if you are prone to chronic gynecological diseases or have recently undergone surgery, be sure to consult with your doctor about the appropriateness of such training.

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