9 reasons for sex

Much has been said about the benefits of sex, but for some reason we still underestimate its effect on our psychological and physical health. Is it really easier to spend a lot of money on sedatives and anti-aging drugs than to regularly have quality sex that makes us happier and more beautiful? Perhaps the following arguments will convince you.

1. Physical activity

Why sweat in stuffy gyms when you can burn about 70 calories in bed with your loved one in 25 minutes? And if you try hard, try different positions and experience an orgasm, this figure can be much higher! Experts assure that sex is an excellent workout for the body, which should not be neglected.

2. Strong immunity

Sex is the best cure for colds. Do not rush to stuff yourself with pills and powders as soon as you feel that you are chilled. It is better to indulge in intimate pleasures with a loved one, which will contribute to the production of the necessary antibodies in the body. Regular sex life is a guarantee of strong immunity, which means that you are not afraid of viral diseases and problems with blood pressure.

3. Healthy bladder

Some women suffer from bladder weakness after childbirth. Doctors recommend Kegel exercises to be performed every time you have sex with your partner. In addition to improving bladder control, your orgasms will be much brighter.

4. Pain relief

The effect of orgasms is comparable to that of medicated painkillers, so the pleasure of sex neutralizes any discomfort, from PMS to joint pain.

5. Healthy sleep

Prolactins, in combination with endorphins produced during sex, have a calming and relaxing effect. In this state, it is very easy to indulge in carefree and deep sleep without resorting to sleeping pills. Hence, the best cure for insomnia is regular orgasms.

6. The likelihood of pregnancy

In an effort to conceive a child, it is important to have sex not only at the time of ovulation, legs and any other days. This will help create favorable conditions in the female uterus for carrying the embryo. Therefore, to increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy, you need to have an active sex life.

7. Calming down

How do you deal with stress? Do you relieve stress with alcohol? In vain! Having sex is an effective sedative that can neutralize negativity and improve the psychological state in general. After sex, you will not only improve your health, but also become a little happier.

8. Rejuvenation

Those women who have sex at least three times a week do not need to spend money on anti-aging products, since endorphins released during intimacy have an amazing effect on the skin, improving its elasticity and blood circulation.

9. Cognitive abilities

Research has shown that having a regular sex life stimulates the brain to function, improving cognitive performance. The reason is in hormones – dopamine and oxytocin, which are produced at the moment of intimacy.
Obviously, there are more than enough arguments for a regular sex life, especially for us women. It is a sin not to use such a wonderful opportunity to rejuvenate and improve your health, especially completely free of charge, but at the same time – effectively.

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