Intimate fitness and vaginal balls: where to start?

Intimate fitness? Yes, it happens, and you heard right. Moreover, women began to do such training hundreds of years ago, for which they were considered ideal lovers, the most famous and legendary of whom are geisha. And if such activities came to us through the centuries, then they deserve respect and so that each of the modern representatives of the fair sex would pay attention to them. Today, the most famous are classes according to the method of Arnold Kegel, the brilliant American gynecologist of the middle of the last century. In honor of him, they even began to call the simulators necessary for this – Kegel balls. 
Arnold drew attention to the fact that such intimate training improves not only the physical, but also, accordingly, the emotional health of women, and at the same time – the complete absence of any side effects. He developed a whole range of special exercises and popularized this activity throughout his life.

To whom and for what purpose are intimate muscle training shown?

Absolutely every woman of any age, except, of course, for obvious reasons, virgins. Indeed, thanks to training, you can:
1. Improve the overall health of the pelvic organs and avoid stagnation of fluid in them; 2. Get rid of unintentional urination (which happens much more often than you might think at first glance); 3. Improve the tone of the vaginal muscles and learn to master them. By the way, this is the main argument because of which most of the beautiful half of humanity, who is engaged in intimate exercises, has taken this path. Since for a number of reasons, namely: · numerous genera; · Operations; · Medical intervention; · Heredity; • too active sex life; · Age; · Anatomical features of the vaginal wall lose their tone, or it simply increases in size. And this, as is clear, affects the sex life of both partners, when insufficient stimulation does not allow enjoying in full force. Well, those ladies who have been working with Kegel balls for a long time are able to surprise their partner in an incredible way and become an ideal woman for him for whom it is not a pity to give half a kingdom. 4. Improve your mood because the way we feel physically has a direct impact on our moral well-being. 5. Enjoy a lot of fun every day, as during exercise you will stimulate the erogenous areas of the vagina. You will learn to give unusual pleasure not only to yourself, but also to your partner, actively using the pompur sex technique to achieve orgasm. 

Where to begin?

Of course, with the purchase of a simulator – vaginal balls, which today are presented in a huge assortment, and you should make the right choice among this variety. They can be of various materials, have one or another shape or weight, size, etc. Therefore, it does not hurt to understand all this at least superficially.

1. Weight and dimensions 

First and foremost rule. Light and large vaginal eggs are recommended for beginners as they are easier to work with. And then you can gradually move on to small and heavy. 

2. Materials 

This is a matter of taste and preference. You can buy such a device made of plastic, glass, metal, etc. However, the leaders remain those made of jade, since this stone is considered to be “female” and in practice it is a natural antiseptic. But taking such a sex toy from a tree is not recommended – it has pores and is not hygienic.

3. Form 

The classics of the genre are round. But more and more often you can see oval, ovoid, oblong. This is not a question of fashion or aesthetics, because it is natural that each of them makes classes special, gives a kind of load, and is preferable for one or another user.

4. Offset center of gravity 

An option that makes these Kegel balls more difficult to use, which is a must when you have reached a certain skill level and want to move on.  

5. Number of balls 

There are usually from 1 to 3 of them on a bunch. Which one to choose is a matter of taste, but since they give a different load, you can and should experiment with this.

A personal gym on your bed! 

Another argument to start intimate training tomorrow! However, it is useful for you to know about the basic rules and subtleties of intimate charging, which we will now talk about. But the main and first of them is regularity, regularity, and again regularity. Only daily (or even several times a day) training will allow you to enjoy the result in just a couple of weeks! And so, let’s start.

1. Environment 

Tune in to the appropriate mood and create a calm, inviting, comfortable environment for you.

2. Position 

Take the most comfortable position (this can be a lying position, sitting, half-sitting) and slightly spread your legs. 

3. Mandatory moisturizing 

Lubricate the balls and vaginal opening with lubricant , or simply excite yourself.

4. Accommodation 

Slowly and gently push the machine inward as deep as possible. However, you should not experience any discomfort. Outside, there will be a string or silicone tail with a loop.

5. Basic exercise 

Now try to squeeze the balls with your muscles as much as possible for a few minutes.

6. Next step: retention 

This can be done by trying to remove the accessory with your hand, but at the same time holding it with your vagina. The advantage of this method is that you can easily adjust the force with your hand. Over time, you can try to hold them while standing, overcoming the force of gravity, or even more interesting – by hanging a weight.

7. Rotation 

Then try rolling the balls. When it starts to work out, you can buy these balls with an offset center of gravity or small models, about one centimeter in size.

8. Bright prospects 

Over time, you will be able to exercise, even doing household chores or going outside. After all, trained muscles will not let the device fall out and will be able to hold it for several hours.

9. Training time 

You should try to do each exercise for 5-7 sets of 2-3 minutes, and conduct classes at least 3 times a day.

10. Care of the accessory 

After you have worked on your health (and we are sure that you also enjoyed it), take out the device by the tail, wash it, and put it in a special case or fabric bag, which are also great for transportation.

Who is contraindicated in such training?

The fair sex during the first months after childbirth, those who have erosion or other damage to the walls of the vagina and during menstruation. We talked about virgins at the very beginning. All the rest can work on their health both literally and figuratively.

There is no shadow of a doubt that the result will surpass everything, even your wildest expectations. As a result, your quality of life will improve in all directions, and sex will be brighter than ever. The man will begin to carry you in his arms and sing laudatory odes. After all, alone with you, she will feel like an 18-year-old nymphomaniac with a virgin narrow intimate organ, and the temperament and desire for sex like a real goddess of love!

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