10 best sex positions if you have sex for the first time with this partner

The first sex with a new partner often determines the future of the couple. Since the intimate component plays one of the key roles in relationships, poor sex will simply put an end to them. But if sex just blows away, then you want to meet again and again! Skillfully chosen poses in the bedroom will help you get vivid impressions.

1. Rider Pose

Having discussed with many girlfriends their strategy for the first sex with a new boyfriend, I came to the conclusion that even active ladies on the first night prefer to give the initiative to a man. I would advise taking the bull by the horns, but there is no single right decision. Some guys (speaking from experience) hate the activity of a woman in the early stages of an intimate acquaintance. How to be? We must be guided by the situation.
A delicate way is to first sit down on the man’s lap (they love it so much), and then, after violent kisses, just push him slightly so that he lies on the surface of the bed. What to do next, I think, there is no need to explain?

2. Pose with legs on shoulders

If a man is stubborn in his desire to dominate, and the usual missionary position does not delight you, then this option can be tried. It is necessary to throw your legs on the shoulders of your partner.
This position allows you to enter as deeply as possible, but it requires a woman to have some flexibility and stamina. The position is suitable for both vaginal and anal sex.

3. Pose on all fours

The kneeling position (popularly called “doggy style”) is considered a leader in positions for passionate sex, which are equally suitable for both slow and fast paces. And it is also one of the slimming positions in sex. It is suitable for girls who are embarrassed about their breasts or belly fat. The legs in it also look much slimmer than in the prone position. There are many varieties of doggy style. Which one to choose – we decide according to the situation. If a man has a narrow penis, it is better to bring his hips together. If the penis is very short, then you need to spread your legs wider so that the man can penetrate deeper. 

4. Standing pose

Do you and your partner have a slight difference in height? Then it’s time to try one of the standing sex positions. Even if you are unable to start vaginal sex in this position, still do not rush to give up this position. Just use it for mutual masturbation and petting before getting into penetration. This is a great sex position in the bathroom. As you prepare to shower for intimate play, entice your man into the bathroom . 

5. Split Pose

Are you proud of the flexibility of your body? Then surprise the man by spreading your legs in a split as soon as your partner enters. It is not necessary to strive for a perfectly straight twine. Such positions are recommended for those who want the deepest possible penetration.
Do you easily accept these positions? Then bring other positions to the sex menu for the most flexible. You will make an indelible impression on a man! 

6. Pose “Rainbow”

I have no idea why this pose has this name. Maybe because of some semblance of an arc formed by the girl’s leg bent at the knee? If the male dignity of a guy makes you sad and sad with its modest size, then try to offer such a position. It guarantees you deep penetration, while giving you the opportunity to stimulate the clitoris.
This option can relieve painful sensations in cases where a man has a non-standard bend of the penis to the side. 

7. Pose “Lotus”

This is one of the best poses for couples in love. Its advantages are countless: partners can look into each other’s eyes, whisper nonsense in the ear, stroke each other, hug, kiss. In addition, there are other important aspects: deep penetration and friction of the clitoris against the partner’s genitals. 

8. Pose at the edge of the bed

Beck the man to the bed, turn your back to him and kneel on the edge of the bed. Let your loved one caress your body, ask him to play with the erogenous zones. Do not stand idly by yourself either. You can put your hand behind your back and caress the man’s penis. Orgasm for both partners is guaranteed!
This is one of those comfortable positions where you can use all kinds of sex toys to stimulate the labia, clitoris, or manhood. Be original and creative.

9. Pose “69” 

First night and no oral sex? It’s not good! The willingness to give each other oral sex is an important sign of deep sympathy, sexual liberation and respect for a partner.
However, we must admit that not everyone likes the position “69”. She is not the most comfortable and not everyone can exchange affection at the same time. In this case, you can first pamper the guy with a blowjob, and then surrender to him for Cooney, or vice versa – first make cunnilingus, and then go on to a blowjob. There are many positions for oral sex. You have a lot to choose from. 

10. Pose “Mirroring”

Often, the first night of love does not cause delight at the end, because the partners too hastily moved on to direct intercourse. Where are you in a hurry? You can add a bit of variety with the help of simultaneous masturbation, when each partner caresses himself, or both caresses each other. After both of you feel increased arousal, you can move on to penetrative sex without changing your position. In cases where it is difficult for partners to move, the woman can stimulate the penis with the help of the sex pompur technique. Your chosen one will come to an indescribable delight from this! It is better to engage in simultaneous self-gratification face to face. Why is this necessary, you ask? Why masturbate when an attractive member of the opposite sex is nearby? I understand your doubts, but this option has its advantages. First, by masturbating, it is easier for people to reach the point of intense arousal, when any pace and any position of coitus will bring untold pleasure. Secondly, in this position, you can examine your partner’s body (and show yourself in all its glory). Thirdly, in this way, partners can demonstrate to each other their favorite movements in sex. Watch carefully how the man caresses his penis: gently or roughly, quickly or slowly, and so on. Play on your mustache and draw conclusions! The first sex with a new partner can resemble a volcano of passions and a dance of fireworks, or it can turn into a living hell. Especially if men make mistakes or women enrage men with their behavior in the bedroom. We implore you not to jump to conclusions about your partner based on your first sex with him. All in your hands. Discuss problems, find sensual positions, and give each other pleasure. 

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