12 things about sex that annoy men the most

Although it is customary to call men the representatives of the stronger sex, who are able to pass through the Crimea, and the ring, and copper pipes with dignity and pride, this does not mean at all that they are not picky and they are always happy with everything in bed with a woman.

We’ve already discussed men’s bedroom mistakes by examining the common aspects that annoy women in sex. Well, now it’s time for the male point of view! In this article we will try as delicately as possible, but at the same time accurately and specifically, to highlight those moments that can annoy a man, due to the fact that his partner is at least inexperienced, or simply does not pay due attention to the relationship, and how he behaves in bed including. It will also be interesting for many to know that men and women   

 (by nature we are like yin and yang ) are quite different, but this list will have quite a lot in common that applies to both genders. Well, by putting this information into practice, you can better understand each other, make sex even more joyful, and make your relationship stronger. 

Briefly about the main thing …

1. Lack of initiative 

Undoubtedly, this is a kind of top among male irritants during sex. None of them wants to take all the responsibility and initiative for pleasure on themselves, and watch the half-sleeping beauty, who with all her appearance shows her indifference to what is happening. Moreover, no man wants to be Buratino, who is supposed to love the “log”.

2. False modesty 

Modesty adorns a woman, but only natural, natural and not in bed. We all know the adage that the ideal woman is a chef in the kitchen, a best friend, and a prostitute in bed. Therefore, feigned pretense and the desire to show oneself as touchy are extremely annoying, and they certainly do not play into your hands.

3. Disgust 

For many of the stronger sex, this causes not only irritation, but also extreme misunderstanding. Especially when it comes to such a sacred moment for every man as a blowjob, which the partner refuses to do. And here we mean the case when all hygiene conditions are met. This is something worth considering.

4. Lack of variety 

In this matter, men are much superior to women, and variety in sex for them is like a toy for a child – every day there should be a new and even more interesting position. And this is not to mention the fact that the absence of such fun can result in adultery. Therefore, if you want your man to be joyful and active in bed, and not sullen and irritable, spoil him more often with “tasty” – buy a role-playing suit, come up with a role-playing scenario, change the environment, do what you never dared to do. 


5. “You should” 

Dear women, no one owes anything to anyone in sex, this is a voluntary matter. You just need to want to give your partner as much pleasure as possible. And if so, in ordinary life a man has certain responsibilities – earning money, showing attention, providing for a family, etc., then in an intimate life, such a statement of the question that “you must satisfy me”, especially if it takes several hours ” work on your body ”is extremely annoying and discourages the desire for intimacy.

6. Manipulation 

To ask a man in bed for some new thing in the hope that he will be ready for anything for sex, this means automatically making oneself mercantile and insensitive in the eyes of a man, or even changing one’s attitude towards oneself. Even if you have been together for a long time. And some of the stronger sex, this can seriously annoy. Therefore, leave all affairs and desires except for erotic ones outside the bedroom doors and do not risk it.

7. Comparison with past partners 

 Even if your partner may not show this outwardly, comparing having sex with him and with other past partners (even if in his favor) will be annoying and touched to the quick. You would love to hear something like, “Oh, how awesome you are! Although your breasts are slightly smaller than Natasha’s, you are cooler in bed! ” If you want to compliment, a compliment will be enough. But again, no comparison.   

8. Complexity 

Yes, all men like beautiful, well-groomed and sexy girls. But again, if a woman herself found some kind of flaw in herself or had an incorrect sexual education, this gives a minus several points at once to her karma of the desired mistress and annoys the man. After all, if he offered you to have sex, it means that he likes you, and some of the details of your behavior may seem disrespectful to him or even make him lose interest in you. And don’t be fooled that sex is not the main thing in a relationship. This is the lot of bigots, which you, of course, do not belong to, but still be brave and liberated. After all, wherever, no matter how in sex, we can embody many of our fantasies and get incomparable pleasure at the same time giving it to our partner. 


9. Loquacity 

Communication is part of any relationship, but the excessive talkativeness of a partner during lovemaking can also make a man lose his temper and discourage any desire to take the initiative or continue. Therefore, leave all the “important matters” for later, because the excessive number of comments on what is happening does not allow the man to concentrate. Or even arouses rejection towards you as a partner.

10. Ignoring partner preferences 

Selfishness is inherent not only in men, but also in women. And not to pay attention to the wishes, addictions, and preferences in sex of your partner is both extremely thoughtless and not promising. Not only will it annoy him more and more each time, but even more, your sex will not be as interesting and bright as it could be.

11. Phone 

Every day, these gadgets are replacing not only real communication from life, but also sex from the bedroom. Moreover, many of the fair sex consider it quite normal to look with one eye at new photos on Instagram during intimacy, or even worse, to correspond with a friend. Trust me. If your man can tolerate this and not boil, then not for long and not often. 

12. Low-grade simulated orgasm  

Dear ladies, this is exactly the case when you need either excellent or nothing. In any case, pretense in sex is definitely not good, although it is often found for one reason or another. However, imagine how your partner would feel if he saw through you! How much his pride will be infringed! Moreover, it can affect the relationship if he thinks that you were pretending before, although this could be the only case. Do not risk making a man lose his temper in this way, but do everything so that both get maximum pleasure.

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