Alternative to sex toys: how to use the tools at hand

Fortunately, today words such as sex shop and sex toys have ceased to cause a smile or bewilderment among many. After all, they are the “seasoning” or “spice” that can decorate a dish called SEX. At the same time, in a natural way, making sex spicy, richer and brighter. According to statistics, more than 70% of women under 30 have at least 1 vibrator in their bedside tables, and some have more than ten vibrators. And men have a lot to choose from in a sex shop. At a minimum, this is an inflatable sex doll (which has long become a household name) or, which is much more interesting and useful, a masturbator or prostate massager. 


But what to do when, for one reason or another, going to an adult store is not in your hands? For example, you want it now. Or there is a need to elementarily save money, while not saving on pleasure.

And yes – there is a choice. This is an opportunity to build intimate devices with your own hands, or rather, by a wave of a magic wand, turn into them ordinary objects that are at home. And this is not fiction, but reality. To do this, it is enough just to show imagination, or just take on board the ideas we offer.

DIY sex toy

Probably, we all watched or at least heard about the movie “American Pie”. Its name is due to the fact that the main character used soft fresh apple pie instead of a masturbator, which (according to his father) resembled a vagina to the touch . But we will not go to extremes, provoking someone to spoil the culinary masterpieces. Instead, we will give a couple of original ideas that you can improve, upgrade and perfectly fit for yourself. 


1. Dildo 

Everything here is as simple as possible. Everyone knows that it can be any vegetable or fruit. Those who like to feel something elastic in themselves can use a banana, and those women who like to feel a powerful trunk can use a carrot or cucumber of the desired diameter.

The main condition is to wash the gifts of fields and gardens well before use, and, if possible, pour boiling water over them. And of course, put on a condom and don’t forget about lubrication.

2. Vibrator 

Everything is the same as with a home dildo, but still, you probably need a man’s help to insert a motor pin from any children’s toy into the base of such a device. Naturally, the vibration will not be as strong and noticeable as in the case of professional devices, but still, something is better than nothing.

3. Masturbator 

In this case, the question is in the realism of sensations. To do this, simply wrap a damp, warm silicone cleaning cloth around the penis. Preferably with a ribbed surface. Further – everything is as usual, but with the obligatory use of lubricant .

4. Shackles 

Do you want to play BDSM, but your partner is naughty and needs to be pacified? A leather belt is fine for this. The only condition is to make sure that the buckle does not touch the body, so as not to damage the skin.

You can also use the Shibari technique – binding a partner in such a way that when moving, the nodules will stimulate erogenous parts of the body. To do this, use only a rope or rope made of natural fibers and in no case synthetic ones. Also, before this, the tourniquet can be soaked in hot oil.

5. Vibrating massager 

It couldn’t be easier. Many of us probably have a body massager that was once in vogue, with various attachments. You may be surprised, but vibrating massagers from a sex shop are not much different from it in terms of their operation. Perhaps design and functionality. Can be used by both women and men.

6. dildo to fisting 

This may seem dangerous to some, but it is not. All that is required for this is a glass bottle of the desired size. The only condition is that it should be free of chips, as well as fitted in a condom and lubricated. In fact, it is much stronger than you might think and it certainly cannot break inside the vagina.

7. Gags 

There is a place for fantasy to roam. It can be either a thin strap or, for example, a tennis ball with a string or elastic band passed through it. Which option to choose is up to you, and you can spy on the ideas in the Internet sex shop.

8. Cock ring 

Elementary Watson! It is quite capable of replacing such a device with a linen or several rubber bands. It is enough just to choose the diameter of the ring, which will affect the force of compression of the penis, thereby avoiding the outflow of blood.

9. Lashes 

The same belt or belt can replace them. Well, if you want a more realistic instrument for punishment, you can make a whip by braiding 3 strips of leather or leatherette with a pigtail , which can be purchased at fabric stores or ateliers at a very modest price, since these are leftovers. Or cut them out of an old jacket or coat. 

10. Spankers 

You will be surprised, but in role-playing games , spankers are very often used – percussion devices that outwardly resemble nothing more than cutting boards with a handle. Why not? Moreover, such kitchen utensils are 100% in every home.  

11. Butt plugs 

These can be champagne or wine corks and (pardon the tautology) cork corks. They are natural and soft, they can be easily sharpened with a knife, and they can also be cut out with a wide base to avoid falling . Well, there is definitely no way to do without lubrication. The only drawback is that they are disposable.

What you need to remember

First of all, about the fact that sex toys sold in specialized stores are certified devices. This suggests that they are as safe as possible when used for their intended purpose and are able to bring maximum pleasure to their owner. Well, toys made with your own hands (the main advantage of which is that you put your soul into them) are far from professional, they can have a lot of flaws, and

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