Distance sex: how to organize it right

There is nothing more beautiful than the meeting of two loving hearts. And there is nothing sadder than parting. But no, we are not going to dilute the lyrics and act out the plot of the melodrama. We are talking about such very earthly things as carnal pleasures. Or rather, sex at a distance.

We have already discussed with you the nuances of long-distance relationships, having come to the conclusion that distance is not an obstacle to romance. Well, what about sex? Sometimes it happens that one of the couple is forced to leave home for a while. It can be a business trip, a business trip, an outbound corporate party, a trip to visit relatives, or even a vacation when one of the partners, for one reason or another, cannot keep the company of the other. 
Undoubtedly, anything can happen, and a short separation even intensifies feelings. But … What about sex? Such a bright and incomparable pleasure that 2 people give each other. Is it really necessary to endure and suffer? Or worse, to look for a temporary replacement on the side. None of the above! After all, no matter how paradoxical it may sound – sex at a distance is possible and there are many ways for this. Naturally, the sexual intercourse itself cannot occur, but still you can get sexual release and live this time happily, constantly feeling the presence of your soulmate. And now we will tell you how to do this.

Distance of love is not a hindrance or 5 ways to organize sex at a distance

Perhaps someone has already used this, but for someone our recommendations can become a lifesaver. In any case, if one of you is often on the road, then at least one of the options listed below will definitely come in handy. Yes, you will not be able to feel the touch of your loved one, but still – something is better than nothing. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at what capabilities we have so that a temporary separation would fly by like 5 minutes. 

1. Phone sex 

Everyone has known for a long time, banal, but effective. After all, sometimes on the phone, without looking your partner in the eyes, you can say much more frank or even a little bit vulgar, which you would not have dared to do in person. And who knows, maybe such a conversation will lead to the fact that when you meet you will decide on another sexual experiment and realize one of your secret erotic fantasies, about which they were embarrassed to say, into reality.
Moreover, as you know, women love with their ears, and phone sex can turn her on more than the longest and hottest foreplay. And the simultaneous masturbation will lead both partners to an orgasm crazy in strength and intensity. It turns on!

2. Webcam sex 

Technology to help you. Now you won’t surprise anyone for a long time with Skype, which was previously installed on stationary computers. Now he and a lot of other messengers with video calling function are present on every smartphone.
In addition, and importantly, with WiFi, this pleasure is absolutely free. Thanks to this, you can not only hear, but also contemplate the beauty of the naked body or even the caress of your partner. Even regardless of the fact that you, for example, are located on different continents.

3. We-vibe 

In this case, everything is as interesting and intriguing as possible. Today in any sex shop you can find unique vibrators for couples of the We-Vibe series , which have made the sexual life of thousands of people many times more interesting and varied.

This toy looks like a horseshoe and is placed in the vagina with one of its appendages on the inside and the other on the outside. As a result – during its work, simultaneous stimulation of such erogenous areas as the walls of the vagina, the clitoris and the legendary G-spot is provided. Can you imagine how pleasant it is ?! The device itself is intended both for sex with a partner and for everyday wear. But this is far from the main thing. The beauty is that this sex toy with several motors and dozens of operating modes is controlled not only with a banal remote control, but also through a partner’s smartphone through a special application, the drivers for which are included. In other words, you have a great opportunity to entrust your pleasure in the hands of a loved one. Just imagine that your man, who is anywhere in the world, has the opportunity to touch the screen of his gadget with his finger at any time and enjoy, imagining your feelings when millions of impulses of pleasure suddenly penetrate your body. For some, this excites like nothing else, because you are free to do whatever you want with your woman. Undoubtedly, this incredibly turns men on, and also gives women great physical pleasure. Be sure to purchase such a thing! 


4. Sex tasks 

For a change, you can play. Going on the road, give your significant other the most immodest erotic tasks, and agree at what time she should perform them. Better yet, do it at the same time. You will undoubtedly be pleased to complete any intimate assignment, and even more pleasant to know that your partner is doing the same for you. Moreover, this option of sex at a distance helps to establish a mental connection and learn in the literal sense of the word to feel and read each other’s thoughts. 


5. Sex toys 

Where without them? For example, the legendary football player and idol of many David Beckham gave his wife a dildo made from casts of his penis so that she would not get bored when he was at the competition. In practice, you can also do this by purchasing a set for this in one of the sex shops. But it’s enough just not to bother and give one to another, for example, a vibrator and a masturbator. In addition to the fact that with the help of these devices you can have sex via video link, they will become a kind of fetish and will remind you of each other even with their appearance. Also, caring wives very often present a masturbator as a gift to their spouse on the road so that he does not feel lonely and does not seek adventures on the side. 


Can remote sex be called sex?

Definitely yes! To do this, it is enough to understand that the word “sex” itself means intimate or sexual relations, which include masturbation, and fisting , and BDSM games. Accordingly, this concept is not limited to the penetration of the penis into the vagina. Everything is much more interesting and multifaceted. 

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