15 positions for sultry conciliatory sex

Probably there is not a single couple in the world who has never quarreled in the entire history of their relationship? What could be sweeter than love after a violent quarrel? After him, you remember how dear and close you are to each other, and all offenses are forgotten. We’ve explored all sorts of positions that are perfect for sweet and flamboyant conciliatory sex!

1. Missionary with raised legs

The usual missionary position is completely unsuitable for an active reconciliatory act of love. It is better for the partner to raise and spread her legs so that the man can enter deeper.

2. One leg raised

Having sex with raised legs is not so convenient if the act is quite long. In this case, you can limit yourself to one raised leg. Ask your partner to hold her. This option also provides a pleasant and deep penetration.

3. Gimbal

An excellent option for lovers of maximum deep coition. In this position, the man will have to sweat.

4. Horsewoman

If a guy is guilty, you need to punish him and the “Riding” pose is best suited for this. The girl completely dominates the process, becoming a real commander. She decides what pace to set.

5. Reverse cowgirl

This option is radically different from the previous point, since the sensations are opposite. The penis enters differently, stimulating the G-spot.

6. Lean forward

A variation of the Riding Girl for girls who enjoy clitoral stimulation. In such a position, it is guaranteed! If you’re looking for something more, don’t miss 100 Tips to Improve Sex. 

7. Jumper

Another variation for active clitoral stimulation. The position has several advantages. If your partner really pisses you off , you do n’t have to look them in the eye. It also provides deep penetration and stimulation of the skin of the chest and abdomen against the partner’s body.

8. Slingshot

Position for quick and short sex. If the couple wants to prolong the pleasure, it is better for the girl to throw her legs on the shoulders of her man. By the way, many guys find it erotic if their friend has slim legs.

9. Secret manhole

By the way, about the positions with legs on the shoulders. This option is a variation of the pose mentioned in the third paragraph. However, there is a significant difference: it is intended for lovers of anal sex.

10. Rocket

Again, an excellent option for those who are offended enough to avoid eye contact. The position is quite sensual and passionate, so a truce will definitely come after it! Advantages of the pose: the partner can caress the girl with his hands.

11. Lotus

The anger is gone and you want to hug and kiss each other? Then try this option. This is one of the best positions for long sex as it keeps both partners stable.

12. Iron

Great idea for a couple fucked by a friend. In this position, the partner will simply iron it out, delivering incredible pleasure. The position is among the best options for stimulating the G-spot.

13. Squatting

Do you want deep and fast sex? Then take a closer look at the squatting option. Be careful though, as this is a pretty dangerous sex position. Watch your movements so that your partner doesn’t get hurt. 

14. Crab

The “Crab” position guarantees complete dominance of the woman. However, the man will not be bored either, because he can guide his girlfriend, holding her body with his hands. At times, the girl can generally completely relax and allow her partner to set the pace and depth of penetration. Please note that in the picture the girl is holding the man by the legs – it is better not to do this, as you will lose your balance and may break the guy’s bones. The most appropriate option is to transfer your body weight to your palms, leaning on the surface of the bed.

15. Doggy Style

How could our list not include such a cool position? Of course, the doggy style will be a great idea for intense and memorable sex!
Relationships are a difficult thing and no matter how hard we try, there are still moments when lovers cannot agree with each other about something. Be that as it may, let the quarrels in your life be only trifling and comic. And let reconciliation always give a sea of ​​positive emotions!

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