How to persuade him to use sex toys: 10 tricks

Men are all so brave, brave, proud. And when it comes to experimenting in bed, they dim and don’t know where to hide their eyes. And this is a common problem for the strong half of humanity.

Girls are much more willing to accept innovations. Although many of us “break” for decency, the feeling of curiosity has not yet been canceled. Guys I know often ask me the question of how to “dilute” my beloved to use sex toys. After a fit of Homeric laughter, I give out an answer worthy of the captain himself Obviously: Comrade, if you dream of having fun with a girl in a new way, just offer and give her time to think! As practice shows, in a few days the girl will wind herself up so much that she will literally drag the guy to the sex shop. There she explores the windows with interest, finds the perfect device, points her finger at it and demands: “Buy it!” It is much more difficult for women in the matter of erotic emancipation of the second half. It often happens that we quietly surf on narrow-profile sites, read thematic articles day and night , but we cannot express our desires to the address. A familiar story, isn’t it? Let the ice break today. I suggest you draw up an insidious plan to seduce your boyfriend. I will give you really valid recommendations to persuade the faithful to try adult products. However, first you should find out the background of the negative attitude towards erotic devices. 



Why are guys afraid to use sex toys

Read this section carefully and classify your partner correctly. Just in case, I will give counterarguments that smash male stereotypes about intimate technique to smithereens. You can safely appeal in my words during a conversation with your beloved.

1. “I will become unnecessary”

Guys are seriously worried that their beloved will prefer a soulless vibrator. One has only to be distracted for a moment, as things will fly from the balcony, and the place on the couch will be assigned to the newly acquired device.

I recently wrote an article about sex toys that are much better than men. I will not refuse to say that the units are superior to the opposite sex in some characteristics. However, until manufacturers have learned how to make electronic partners with artificial intelligence, members should not be afraid that they will take the palm away from them .    

2. “My penis is smaller”

No matter how silly it may sound, men continue to measure themselves with pipis in adulthood. It seems to me that they are born with a ruler in their hands and project their centimeters onto all surrounding objects. This results in the acquisition of huge wheelbarrows, hanging with golden chains, demonstrative visits to boxing sections and pumping muscles to immense sizes.

The logic “I have a small penis, so I am a worthless lover” is tolerated not only by the brain – by the bone marrow! Dude, nature gave you a tongue, fingers, hands, feet! Learn to use them. Length and thickness only matter when the guy has nothing else to offer.

3. “This is a perversion”

Imagine, dear ladies, men are also notorious and squeezed. Some – loving mothers slapped on the hands, caught masturbating, others – at school they were tortured with stories about STDs, the third – had never seen anything like this in their childhood and had never heard of experiments. The result is one – a curious playful boy turned into a boring husband without the slightest drop of imagination.

I am equally intolerant of both blinkered men and narrow-minded women. You need to fight stereotypes, sweep them out with a filthy broom, and then also disinfect the depths of consciousness with bleach.

4. “I do not satisfy her”

Another facet of stupidity from our dear men. Since when has this urge to experiment become synonymous with sexual dissatisfaction? It is quite possible to get an orgasm from 2-3 standard techniques. A case in point is female masturbation. Girls who have examined their bodies know exactly which buttons to press to fly to the skies in 60 seconds. However, the monotonous sensations gradually become boring. If you eat foie gras every single day and wash it down with a hundred-year-old wine, then in two weeks gourmets will want pre-shirak noodles and grandmother’s compote. The desire to use sex toys is only a manifestation of an irrepressible craving for variety. 


5. “Then she wants more.”

Oh yeah! We women hide the essence of a depraved whore, born in the outskirts of Sodom, under the guise of offended innocence. Today we ask you to apply a lubricant to facilitate sliding, tomorrow we will bring a vibrator to bed, and the day after tomorrow we will tie a man in a pretzel, expose his chocolate eye and, without asking, shove a meter-long dildo into his rectum.

I wonder if the guys themselves understand how stupid it sounds ?! Indeed, we may want more, but experiments will never cross the line of adequacy. Sex should be enjoyable for both partners. For girls, this statement is akin to the 11th commandment.

10 tips to persuade a man to use sex toys

1. Choose the right time

If you live together for about six months, then you probably managed to figure out the characteristic habits of the second half. For example, I know perfectly well that my boyfriend cannot be approached within cannon-shot range for an hour after he returns from work.

The ideal time for requests in our pair is 30-40 minutes after a hearty and delicious dinner. When I need to find out something, or I screwed up, I have to act according to the principle of tamers – roll the dice, wait, and only then go into the cage. Try to match the conversation about sex with the good mood of the faithful.

2. Start a conversation correctly

Men do not take hints, so it makes no sense to start from afar. However, being too direct will not bring you one step closer to your cherished goal. When introducing sex toys, teaser ads will help you . This is probably the only time an intrusive marketing product is helpful. The main condition is to lie with an honest face.

Tell us how you were on social media or looking for a casserole recipe and, oh my God, saw a pop-up window with a picture of a happy girl. Under it was the inscription “How to reach an orgasm in 5 seconds.” The click brought you to the page of a sex shop / women’s magazine / porn site, where the truth was revealed to you.

Compose a gripping tale that ends with the phrase, “It would be nice to try.” For persuasiveness, you can dig up interesting articles or videos and show them to your husband. Then ride the wave and do a comprehensive psychological treatment on the victim.

3. Develop his doubts

In the course of discussing the likelihood of using sex toys in your bedroom, a man will definitely put all his doubts on a snow-white saucer with a blue border. If the words do not say, because the behavior consumed . Your mission is to convince him. Look for arguments and inspiration above in the section “Why are guys afraid …”.

4. Dig online together

Guys are better at visual perception, so don’t hesitate to watch porn together. I mention dirty videos in almost every article. They are a treasure trove of useful information. Renowned sexologists, along with their theoretical research, do not hold a candle to the average porn actress.

Go to the “Toys” section and enjoy the beautiful HD picture. Also, the use of special devices can often be found in the categories: “Fetish”, “Masturbation”, “Lesbians” and “Virtual Reality”. Especially your beloved will like to contemplate the joys of pink girls. Damn, I just realized how much time I spend on porn sites ( facepalm ). 

5. Visit an online sex shop

I strongly discourage going to a stationary adult store. As a rule, the bravado of the other half remains outside the threshold of the outlet. Indoors, a hefty forehead usually stares at the windows, like a ram at a new gate, giggles idiotically and begins to let go of greasy jokes. As a result, you will not buy a thing and will return home in an extremely aggressive mood.

A visit to an online sex shop is the optimal solution that bears real results. Check out the assortment, read the descriptions, discuss what you would like to use, and what you will not dare for any gingerbread. When choosing a vibrator (whatever one may say, this is the most popular product), keep a regular stationery ruler at hand. Estimate the size without leaving the checkout.

Useful advice from personal experience. For the first time, buy devices that are smaller than your partner’s penis. No matter how confident a boyfriend is, he will be confused at the sight of a 25-centimeter purple monster.

6. Don’t be “persuaded”

Some girls were not at all lucky and they fell into the princess’s companions on snow-white ponies. If a guy is hostile to any inclinations towards a sex shop, do not at all begin to beg, persuade, cry out, demand or give ultimatums.

Take a break for a week, take his castle under siege, and then go to storm the fortress again. Let your boyfriend know that you are serious. Let him periodically stumble upon “accidentally” forgotten tabs of 18+ stores or pages of women’s forums discussing the impressions of using gadgets.

7. Give him a gift

Without exception, all people love presents (especially for no reason, especially useful ones). Present the faithful with an amusing toy for individual use. A masturbator is perfect (preferably a neutral shape, otherwise artificial vaginas slightly resemble necrophilia). There are models in the form of vibrating gloves or a hollow tube with a developed inner surface.

Another cool device is vibro fingertips . The device is put on the phalanges and the causal places are massaged. Be sure that in your absence, the boyfriend will certainly test the gift, which will make him more tolerant and encourage further experiments.

8. Give a demonstration performance

Classics of the genre. There are a great many options for performances. Here are a couple of the most popular ones. The first is to masturbate for a partner. Just make sure your boyfriend isn’t missing out on a single detail. Choose the most open angles.

The second scenario assumes a large mirror. You sit the faithful in front of a reflective surface, strip naked, stick a vibrator inside yourself. Then, without delay, get into the knee-elbow position, so that the priest is facing the mirror, and the face is on the member of your man. While the device is doing its job, you diligently give your partner a blowjob. It is important that the lover, without distraction, watches the seductive reflection.

9. Let him control the process

Place the toy in your boyfriend’s hands and give him complete carte blanche. Let him do whatever comes into his head. It is likely that he will not miss the opportunity to realize his own erotic fantasies. Just do not try to argue, if you really want to experiment, then learn to compromise.

10. Pick up a toy for two

Everything here is extremely simple, it is much easier to push a person to change when he also turns out to be in the black. Vibrators for two are awesome, god bless their creators. The device looks like a clamshell phone (I hope you remember those). One half is placed in the vagina and the other is covered with the clitoris. Next, the man gently introduces his penis, simultaneously pressing the toy against the front wall of the vagina, providing stimulation of the G-spot. Vibration from the massager is transmitted to both participants in the action. The price of the unit is slightly higher than that of a simple vibrator, but the device is worth the money spent on its purchase. Keep in mind that the above tips will only work with an adequate approach. Now I will explain what I mean by this. It makes no sense to use this strategy if you want to immediately string the guy on a strap- on , and the unfortunate man has never used toys. Match desires with reality. Train him to small and only then raise the bar. 

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