5 sex recommendations for the perfect mistress from a top-notch prostitute

The topic of sex is already so overused. There is no person who does not teach or learn various techniques, skillful maneuvers, postures. Almost everyone knows what porn, strawberry or adult films are. Where did we get this interest? Is the topic of sex really that important? When a woman is cheated on by a loved one, she feels abandoned, betrayed and unhappy. Some cope with experiences and turn a blind eye to the husband’s “walks” around other women. Others drive the traitor out of the house. Still others are looking for reasons in themselves and begin to cultivate complexes and doubts about their own attractiveness. But there is a category of women who learn good lessons from cheating. They take sexuality, orgasm, or wumbling classes , hoping that recruiting a good lover will keep their next partner. In fact, everything is much simpler. Families do not fall apart because of another woman’s experienced mouth or balls in the womb. The problem of relationships in a couple very often lies in their misunderstanding of each other. Do you know why men turn to prostitutes? Because there is no need to take a steam bath. I just got pleasure, not sparing the tender feelings of the partner. Or he realized his secret desires, of which there are not so many. Angel Smith was amazed at the number of betrayals or broken families. He conducted a study and realized that 90% of couples faced relationship problems due to the lack of fulfillment in the sexual sphere of one of the partners. And so the author of the famous book “This is how to make your man sexually happy” decided to go to prostitutes and ask what they do and know how they do not know their wives and girls. The answers shocked him. It’s that simple! Today we will give you as an example the most effective techniques and quotes of the representatives of the ancient profession. Who else can tell you more about sex than they do?  




1. Be relaxed

Many girls and women are so embarrassed in bed that men, feeling this, cease to perceive them as mistresses. Relationships smoothly turn into friendships or purely automatic, when neither partner feels real satisfaction. Women are embarrassed about everything – folds on their belly, making love in the light, doing “It” for him, enjoying the caresses, screaming, moaning. Nightmare! They live every day with a sense of fear and constraint, afraid to show their true desires to their beloved . Men are not stupid. The wrong, delusion of most women that “they have only one thing on their minds”, “they are all goats, change” spoils everyone’s life. Many men are very sensitive, loving and vulnerable creatures. I myself have met those who do not like to call sex sex. Even that word hates them. And when a man in love sees that his woman for some reason closes in bed, he begins to be afraid. There can be a lot of fears – the fear of your failure, the fear of being yourself, the fear of confessing your desires, and, worst of all, the fear of making love. And sooner or later a man tries to check whether it is true that sex is so bad. He tries with other women and, oh, miracle, he is good in bed. So the problem is not with him. In a certain circle, Monica Von Cleef is very famous. She adores the role of mistress and men stand in line for her. And this is what this experienced lady has to say:  



Any woman can make a man the way she wants, if she does it right, and if she loves him enough.

“If everything goes right with you, you will make him happy, and he will also want to make you happy. Life -.. This is not a one-way street, “And I agree it is better you do try to become for men indispensable than he will check his virility and irresistible in bed the other.

You can not be constrained Speak, explain, ask Let a man be a! , and to yourself – to become his very own. Gratitude will be incredibly strong – what only are his satisfied eyes and desire to possess you.

2. Learn to be lecherous

Let go of all your prejudices, fears, and modesty. If you want to be a happy woman and enjoy sex, you simply have to allow yourself to be liberated. Angel Smith cites the example of a letter from a reader from Baltimore, where she talks about the beginning of a new stage in a relationship. For several years, the couple lived like everyone else – from above and quickly. One day a woman wanted to try what Cooney is . She asked her husband to please her, however, he was in a state of shock for several minutes. He brought her to orgasm, and she let him do whatever came to mind with her. The result is a happy couple who, finally, are not afraid to talk and possess each other. If a man asks you to try something new in bed, support the initiative. He wants to and he will not cripple you – why not? Relationships are always built on collaboration. So why not do each other a nice service?  


3. Love his “friend”

It will not be a secret for you that manhood is their best friend. Forget the myth that men only think of them. But always remember that the penis is a means of bonding with a man. If you learn to handle him correctly, to give pleasure and to caress him, the man will appreciate you even more. The best option is to love both the man and his “friend”. Show love in every way, kiss him, try new things. Angel Smith spoke to one of the most experienced prostitutes, Kay from New York. She believes that oral sex is the best way to get closer to a man. “Meeting glances is good, but they don’t convey your desire as clearly as rubbing a guy’s cock,” she says. There is nothing more beautiful to feel pleasure when a man moans from your caresses. Make him pleasant with your mouth, hands, sincerely wanting to give pleasure. The book describes in great detail techniques that are 100% effective. One prostitute, whose name is unknown, described the essence of a man in her own words. “Darling, a man thinks about a penis differently than he thinks about arms and legs … He almost thinks that a penis is a part of himself. He thinks that it is an animate being, something like a beloved animal. This is how he treats it. Treat him as if it is something that exists separately from the man. Caress him, pamper him. Treat him like a tame kitten – and the man will react like the owner of the pet, he will love you forever. ” Check it out in practice, learn to love your man entirely without snorting or showing disgust for his penis. It is an unforgivable mistake many women make to think that the missionary position is the height of men’s imagination. 


4. Find out what his quirks are.

Talk to a man. Ask what he would like to try, what position he would choose. You have to find out what the man is dreaming of. If he has fantasies – never make fun of it. There are cases when a harmless and unfulfilled dream turned into a perversion. He loves it when you are completely naked, but in high-heeled shoes – great. He wants to tie you to the bed and spank you – well done. Dreams of anal sex – try it. Just be smart about it. Read the literature, watch a video on how to get started and try. There are also men who pay huge amounts of money to prostitutes, if only they play along with them. For example, a man was turned on by dressing up as a dog. He ran around the room and barked, ending up in a dog-style pose. So, let him go further to outsiders for help, rather than engage in his original sex with his wife? Don’t think of his quirks as deviations. The only problem is that we are so saturated with social and ethical prejudices that we are intimidated by innovation. And this is when everyone is talking about sex. Many women begin to laugh or humiliate their husbands for their desires. This leads either to a shameful divorce, or to the emergence of stress-related perversions. Do you all remember Chikatilo? The little peasant lived with a grumpy “saw” who was always unhappy with everything. And he just wanted to show his power. Perhaps his sadism would have ended in the bedroom where he was doing BDSM. But the irreparable happened. Witnesses said that Chikatilo was an exemplary father, a good family man and a worker. But lack of fulfillment in the sexual sphere killed dozens of girls and crippled the lives of their relatives. Some men like it when something is shoved up their ass. Sometimes it can be prostate stimulation. Sometimes – caressing with the index or thumb. One of the prostitutes said a rather provocative thing: “They come to me and pay a lot of money for doing such things. The money they should be spending on their wives. But until wives start shoving cucumbers in their ass, husbands will waste them here. ” Again, she is right. After all, it is better for a wife to put up with her husband’s desires in bed and exemplary behavior outside of her, than a man will begin to turn to others, more accommodating and understanding.    




5. Choose the right clothes

Be sure to keep peignoirs, lace panties and corsets in your dresser. Black stockings , naughty nighties , T-shirts – all this will help you turn on a man. Your weight doesn’t matter. A man loves you and wants to make love to you, what difference does it make if you have cellulite or not. Try to buy the most daring outfits. If both of you are into RPGs, invest in costumes. This is very important if you want to seduce a man. 



The amount that men spend on prostitution is several times higher than the cost of alcohol, drugs and casinos. Can you imagine how many men turn to professionals, hoping to get forbidden pleasure?

Angel Smith proved that everything is in our hands, you just need to try to accept a man with all his desires and release your own. But the main wisdom that can be learned from this book is to love a man, give him pleasure and make love, not sex. When love reigns in a relationship, intimacy turns into pleasure. You give and give, feeling the happiest.   

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