12 fun sex positions that are only possible in marriage

Someone thinks that sex after marriage is akin to fantastic creatures. It’s hard to find, easy to lose, and impossible to forget. I want to prove to you that intimacy in a long-term relationship can also give a lot of indescribable sensations. I present to you a selection of 12 sex positions that are only possible in marriage. 

1. Serialoman

We love watching brand new TV shows. Sometimes the whole evenings of our life disappear in front of the screen. Only with your beloved spouse can you have sex without being distracted from the twists and turns of the next episode. 

2. The experiment failed

Each couple at least once dared to experiment. The very first experience that arises in memory is the study of the Kama Sutra. In an attempt to imitate erotic yogis, some even managed to get into a hospital bed.  

3. Commercial break

This is a classic! Girls admit, your partner also interrupted sexual intercourse in connection with the call of nature. Or does it just pull me to the toilet at inappropriate moments?

4. Animal passions

Pet owners need no further explanation. Seals or dogs consider it their duty to jump on the bed while their owners puff under the covers.

5. Ice battle

For utilities, the onset of cold weather is not considered a bell to turn on the heating. It remains for us to wait for the cherished date in the calendar, when the stars converge, astrologers will announce the week of the hare and the schedule of state institutions will coincide with the dreams of the population about hot batteries. In the meantime, we are freezing in apartments, we have to fuck almost in ski suits.

6. Quieter than water, lower than grass

With the advent of children in the house, you should carefully choose the time for copulation. Otherwise, psychological trauma cannot be avoided. It is so accepted in civilized society that a little man should learn about sex from the unclosed tabs of the browser of daddy and mommy.

7. Hairy surprise

No matter how carefully the girls shave the bikini area, after a couple of hours a treacherous stubble appears on it. Throughout the candy-bouquet period, the pullet marathon and does not allow the newly-minted boyfriend to see his prickly pubis. Unfortunately, long-term relationship avoid hairy vaginy- monstryatinu impossible.

8. Vacation madness

The holiday is valued like the Golden Jubilee diamond weighing 545.67 carats. It is quite natural that along with a trip to the sea, libido awakens in us. We want to try all 33 kinds of sex and do it in inappropriate places.   

9. Lovecraft Adepts

Sexual experiments, which are mandatory for implementation, include wet coitus in the bathroom. Often, lovers make a number of typical mistakes and the process comes down to a group call to Cthulhu.

10. Supersonic speed

Not only young couples sin hastily copulating. Families also have a tight time frame to invest in. For example, many need to be in time until the offspring return from school. 

11. Alone at home

And again in continuation of the eternal theme of fathers and children. Parents are rarely alone at home. However, as soon as the little ones go to visit their grandparents, a period of bacchanalia begins . Mom and Dad rip off their clothes, walk around the apartment naked, throw socks in the corners and do not wash the dishes (in this place, in the background, a malicious laugh should sound) 

12. Shaw , again?

After testing unthinkable erotic techniques and hours of playing with adult products , couples return to familiar and proven sex positions. 

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