How to keep sex after marriage?

In the hit parade of problems that concern humanity, right after “Is there life after death” is “How to keep sex married”. It’s no secret – many couples complain that after three to five to ten years in one apartment and with a stamp in their passport, intimate life not only loses its pungency and freshness, but often just fades!  

At the same time, it was the wives who complained about lack of initiative in the sexual plan – but aren’t they themselves to blame for the fact that husbands have lost interest in them ?!  

So, how to stay desired for your husband:

1. Follow your desires . For example, instead of mopping, do you want to soak up your favorite peach oil in the bathroom, make a face mask, and then polish it all with body cream with the scent of patchouli and lavender? So do it! Every man – even a husband accustomed to everything – will appreciate your beautiful skin, fresh complexion, delicate body aroma and good mood. Will the floors remain unwashed? Sorry, but these are the tips “how to be a sexy wife”, and not “how to drive an intimate life in marriage into a coffin against the background of perfect cleanliness in the house”.   

2. Do not be afraid to change. That touching blonde that your husband once married was in any case far in the past. Therefore, why not please him with something new? To be painted in a brunette, make a piercing or an intimate hairstyle … In any case, the main enemy of sex is constancy: and a change of image if you do not turn you into another woman, then let the beloved discover something new for himself.   

3. Do not dissolve in relationships. The mistake of many wives is that they are so merged with her husband that he soon begins to perceive them as part of himself. And what kind of sex with yourself is the answer you know. Be yourself, have your own personal interests and desires.  

4. Be naughty. Yes, remember those first days of dates when you made your beloved wait half an hour in front of the cinema, watching him from around the corner – so that he would flutter out of breath in the last minutes of his patience. Forced him to run for chocolate at two in the morning or take off your boots after hectic parties? Do not forget about these simple tricks in family life! It is better to always keep the man slightly in suspense.  

5. Role-playing games. Priestess of love? An innocent schoolgirl? Passionate nurse? Try on this look tonight! 

6. Go in for sports. In a healthy body – a healthy sexual desire: jogging in the morning or Pilates three times a week, although they are indirectly related to sex, but improve the figure, increase self-esteem – which leads to a better sexual life. And do not forget to involve your husband in sports – classes increase the level of testosterone in the blood.    

7. Discover pornography. Forget everything that your mother told you about it – adult films are made not only for perverts, but also for just adults who want to diversify their personal lives.  

8. Sincerely interested in sex. Sometimes women consider marital duties to be duties that prevent her husband from escaping to another. Do not build illusions – men feel it. If your sex life is built on exactly this – think about why you live with this person?   

9. To cause jealousy. A man is an owner by nature, and a little coquetry with other men will never hurt. Just do not replay, otherwise you can get a family scene instead of violent sex! 

10. Pay attention to your own appearance. When there is a choice – a new hairstyle or a delicious dinner – choose the first. A well-fed husband will want to sleep, and a hungry man will attack you, beautiful. And then he will cook dinner himself – in gratitude for the wonderful sex.    

… Thus, there are no hopeless situations. I’m sure these tips will help you!

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