Is women’s initiative always punishable?

The issues that concern modern women are pleasantly diverse – after all, progress does not stand still. Among the most relevant are whether there is sex after forty, and whether after six, and whether a man should pay for coffee (especially heated discussions are flaring up about this), and is there a way to defeat cellulite, and does the stamp in the passport mean something or it is an outdated bureaucratic formality …       

Of course, each of us can complement and expand their list. But recently, I have often been asked the following question: “Can a woman herself take the initiative in sex, relationships and when meeting men?” 

Of course, thirty years ago such a question would have seemed nonsense from the series “Can a dog wave its tail” or “ Can trees swing and create wind”. A woman should be modest, with downcast eyes, be sure to stand at the wall and do not forget to nervously fiddle with a handkerchief. Expecting her to be invited to a dance, and then immediately to the registry office – well, if she dances well and cooks borscht. And sex is generally no-no, this causes gossip, children, police department and academic leave.      

Thank God, technological progress is moving successfully, and together with cellulite remedies, various and affordable means of protection were invented, and even sold on every corner. They turned sex from dangerous fun for extremals into a pleasant homework, akin to playing poker or Twister. Now even random sex, subject to certain simple rules, occurs with virtually no consequences. The maximum that you can lose is self-esteem the next morning. But this is a digression. 

But back to the question: is it possible for a woman to get acquainted with a man herself and / or to offer sex? I remind you that today it has become possible for women a lot. Smoke and drink beer, even in public places, make money yourself, work in a foundry, lay asphalt, swear and even fly into space. Therefore, who can prohibit the initiative of women in sex? The centuries-old myth that a woman shouldn’t offer herself is destroyed before our eyes, along with others – for example, the inability of women to drive cars and drive men. Yes, go to any office and count there the leading personalities and their subordinates, or on the road – the number of female drivers. So even at parties it’s now no longer shameful to wink at the men you like, pat them on the waist and so on with all the ensuing consequences: “Are you so cool, baby, what do you miss? Come to me ” – or whatever they say in such cases.    

But then please note something else. It turns out that female and male qualities are akin to communicating vessels. Remember from the school physics course? Will disappear in one place – will arrive in another. Thus, we came close to another well-known myth – this time masculine. And he says that a man wants everywhere, always, and in any case more than a woman – whom even thirty years ago didn’t really want to want at all. (But this, as we found out above, was due to the lack and imperfection of contraceptives). That is, according to this already dying myth, when a woman offers a precious body to a man, he should be happily and instantly excited by the thought of joining the sacrament and the ability to climb into a thong. And, of course, picking up drool, instantly agree to go to the ends of the world to have sex (especially if after that you do not need to get married).    

Therefore, I want to warn that, having debunked the myth of female lack of initiative, it is necessary to debunk the myths of male omnivorousness. In practice, men increasingly admit that at times, molesting women, they secretly hope for rejection. “In order not to make these meaningless gestures.” So be prepared, active ladies, for the fact that a man can refuse so kindly proposed by you, even one-time, sex. After all, he has the right to a headache, and to a bad mood, and can be faithful to someone, in the end! .. Or, you just don’t want to feel dumb today. When a woman refuses a man, most of them take it for granted and do not worry about it for more than fifteen seconds. If a woman goes on the warpath with a pack of condoms at the ready, then it is for men to learn how to calmly accept rejections.

In any case, if, right after reading this article, you try to pester someone, and they say no, you have nothing to be upset about. You, unfortunately, are not a hundred dollars to please everyone. Nothing is a hundred dollars, but a hundred dollars themselves. Playing on the male field, you will have to accept these terms of the game. But in any case, I wish you success!

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