Heartthrob Tips: 10 Signs of a Single Man

More than 60 percent of single men and women do not know how to get acquainted. Another 30 are sincerely sure that they will never be able to find a worthy mate.

Where can you find the man of your dreams? On the Internet, on dating sites – as psychologists advise? Or at work, in a circle of friends, as friends think?

How not to fall for the bait, how at first sight to distinguish a married man without a ring and a womanizer from a potential life partner? Experienced womanizers and heartthrobs say: here are the things that you need to pay attention to first of all:


Unmarried guys often make eye contact with the woman they like, stop looking at her longer and more closely. So, if He looks often and for a long time, there is a chance.

His time

The freer a man is, the more time he is willing to spend with you. He does not start from a place, apologizing and looking at his watch or phone, does not excuse himself with constant hands-on work at work.

Changes in plans

Psychologists note: a free man easily changes plans for the evening, openly talks about habits. Does not stutter when talking about home and loved ones. He can happily stay at a party, walk home without looking at his watch or phone.

His money

A free guy has enough money to spend on you. Married men and men who have mistresses are reluctant to part with money, many simply do not have it.

Light neglect

If you look carefully, you will immediately see the external signals of loneliness: a slight neglect of the hairstyle, unshaven, imperfectly ironed trousers. This is a good sign, oddly enough. Men-dandies and fashionistas are most often either selfish or convinced womanizer.

Where does he eat

Unmarried men often dine and dine at the same café, either alone or in the company of male friends.

His hobby

Single men, in the absence of a family, pay great attention to hobbies or pets. After asking him, you can hear the saga of fishing, arm wrestling or collecting cars; at home, a huge dog or a tame chameleon can expect him, about which he will tell with pleasure.

slight insecurity

Confusion in conversation, flirting. He has lost the habit of verbal sparring with women, he may be embarrassed when he compliments.


A single man does not hesitate to visit cafes, theaters, restaurants with you, where acquaintances and friends can notice him.


An unmarried man, not hiding, picks up the phone and answers the phone calls and SMS of acquaintances.

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