How to Be Successful on Tinder : A Guide for Men

More than one thousand men find girlfriends on Tinder , they correspond, send photos to each other. Most of all, they like to keep the topic with a new interlocutor.

During the correspondence, it will become clear whether a man is suitable for her to meet, create a family. Women do not always make contact, you should carefully study the profiles of their profiles and see her desire to get to know each other. Tinder helps to find a soul mate, only one thing depends on the young man, how he will predispose female attention to himself.

There is a book on how to seduce women. Men can familiarize themselves with the content, endure to analyze the text they have read, and, if convenient, take advice. The author Max managed to write a work in which he took the basis of the “generally accepted psychology of seduction.”

The author wanted, with the help of studying the psychology of relationships, to present material that everything depends on the desire of a person, his time, and also described a little about constraint. The site creates the illusion of a first meeting, as if it were happening in real life in some club or cafe. The audience actively uses online dating, because they have become afraid to meet young and pretty people on the street. What are the rules to follow for successful Tinder dating ?

This is not a casual dating app.

There is an opinion that men meet on the Internet platform for frivolous meetings. Usually, this opinion occurs in women. If she is not ready to meet a man for a serious relationship, and her goal is a fleeting acquaintance. There are girls registered on Tinder who dream of meeting a man, loving him and starting a family. Fleeting novels can be started in real life, you can’t get away from this.

It is hard to immediately please a girl who is waiting for serious goals. To do this, you should first write to the man so that she pays attention, then keep up the conversation. The girl will find a topic that she wants to know about. There is no need to rush things, otherwise the meeting will not take place. Usually men are invited on a date. This time, you should expect a similar offer from the girl. If she wants to see each other quickly, she will find a place in the city for the first meeting.

Perfect lover

Parents bring up boys in such a way that they protect the family, respect the woman, never reproach her. It is interesting to observe their maturation, physical and mental formation. A shy, insecure man will never be the first to get acquainted. Girls dream of meeting polite guys, but they cannot find them among hundreds of thousands of profiles.

A woman will be happy if you use the “ideal lover” approach to her. She will not believe that there are still young people who do not have sex in the first place. This approach can be applied not only during dating via the Internet, but also in life. Girls like to feel wanted. The behavior of a woman shows what she wants. They have such a notion that her boyfriend should guess without words. Indeed, if you look closely at her, you can learn a lot of things and adapt to her manners.

Establishing the optimal search range

It is not possible to review all questionnaires. Single girls live throughout the country. First, you can put a filter for a specific choice of place of residence, as well as an age category. Then increase the chance to get acquainted with one city.

Tinder has a page where you can view all the girls. You can go to each profile. Acquaintance will not be so tiring, and the time to search for a soul mate will be reduced. You should pay attention to the aspect, the girl can view the visitors of her profile.

High quality profile photo

Before meeting, the girl examines the photo of the guy who wrote the first one. Sometimes photos are placed in a folder where a person is not visible, the girl has the right not to answer him. What photos to post on the site?

  • There should be only one person in the photo, the author of the questionnaire;
  • The folder should contain photographs of various formats showing a wealthy or normal life. You should not post only portrait pictures, the girl will not understand the main purpose of dating;
  • A man should look at the camera, smile. Photos should be taken from the heart, it is more pleasant to look at them;
  • Photo editors are used to cover minor imperfections on the face, such as facial wrinkles. Sometimes young people pay attention to photo editing, they want to be as perfect as possible. They forget that after long conversations, a meeting will take place and the interlocutor will be upset if he sees a person who does not look like the picture.

Don’t visit Tinder often

The female audience will not be able to understand anything about a person who sits on the site around the clock. For this, it is desirable to allocate evening time, when all cases are resolved, and you can just chat. The site was invented only to search for a soul mate, and you should not visit it so often.

The interlocutors see who is constantly on the site, they immediately have a concern about the employment of the interlocutor. Usually online are young people who have nothing to do with themselves. You should visit the site once every two days. If there is an interest in viewing activity on the page, you can log in every day and not stay up all day.

Don’t bother with photos

Not all girls have a model appearance, and also do not use photo correction applications. Before evaluating a girl, you should think about her act. She also may not appreciate the interlocutor, and in response to write a negative comment. Despite the simple appearance, girls are constantly waiting for compliments. They enjoy talking to a nice guy.

If she doesn’t like being picky about a photo, she can block. Then communication will no longer work, and again you will have to look for a new interlocutor. In nature, there are no ideally beautiful women, many of them do not know how to properly care for themselves, you should not pay attention to this.

Before communicating, you should know more about the new interlocutor

There is a function in the profile where you can choose interests, describe yourself a little, what you do and what you expect from dating. You can go to her profile to read and understand whether it is worth talking to her. A million people of different nationalities and countries are registered in popular social networks. In the search, you should write the last name, first name and find among the girls with the same name a new almost familiar one. On the page you can see more photos, read information about her and notice what she is interested in. Many girls have a habit of sharing their own experiences.

Don’t rush the event

Don’t ask to meet right away. Girls are not psychologically ready to meet a stranger on the first day of correspondence. Let her learn more about the interlocutor. If she wants, the girl will be the first to hint about the meeting. An instant decision will only frighten her. Girls are afraid to run into an unfamiliar young man who rushes things. She will notice in this act the frivolity of communication.

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