Erotic zodiac: 24 poses for all signs

Each person (whatever his zodiac sign may be) is unique and unique, but we will always strive to unravel the desires of our loved ones. So why not take a look at the advice of astrologers? Experiment by choosing a position that suits your zodiac sign.

1. Aries

Aries love active sex and just love hot kisses. They can be turned on by a pleasant head massage. It is believed that Aries are erotomaniacs who adore tactile touch.

Erogenous zones: ears, back of the head, lips.

Pose for a woman
It is worth choosing a pose in which a partner can play with the hair of an Aries woman, whisper nonsense in the ear and kiss.
Pose for a man
Aries can start if you run your fingers into his hair , gently grabbing and squeezing his hair.

2. Taurus

Representatives of this sign are real hedonists. They love to get maximum pleasure in everything, including sex. Taurus will begin to hum sweetly if you gently kiss his neck, pouring warm breath over it.

Erogenous zones: neck, ears.

Pose for a Woman A
hair-haired Taurus woman loves dog- style poses , when her partner enters from behind, kissing her neck.
Pose for a man
Taurus will like it if the girl plays with his lobes (kissing and nibbling them), wrapping her arms around her neck.

3. Gemini

This is the funniest zodiac sign and loves variety. Gemini will not limit themselves to any one pose, wanting to try the whole Kama Sutra . But they also have their fetishes.

Erogenous zones: fingers, shoulders.

Pose for a woman
To please a Gemini woman, a man should pay attention to the poses in which he can caress her shoulders.
Pose for a man
An excellent addition to sex will be positions where the partner sucks on the fingers of the Gemini man, which makes him associate with a blowjob. They will also love shoulder kisses with massaging movements.

4. Cancer

Gentle and vulnerable Cancers do not tolerate vulgarity. They prefer romance and foreplay with long caresses. And they longs for continuation of caresses during coitus.

Erogenous zones: chest, abdomen.

Pose for a woman
The woman of this sign has sensitive nipples and the area around them (halo). She will be pleased if a man wraps his lips around the nipple or begins to gently massage his breasts.

Pose for a man
Such a man loves female breasts: small, large – any! He will be pleased to feel the nipples of his partner rubbing against his chest and stomach.

5. Leo

No matter how hard you try, Leo won’t let you dominate in bed often. He himself would be glad to give up the reins of government, but pride does not allow. As soon as you stand at the helm, the Lion is already in command again.

Erogenous zones: back .

Pose for a woman A
lioness will turn into a playful kitty if you pet her. But even standing on all fours, she manages to control the process by setting the pace.
Pose for a man The
Terrible Lion will growl with pleasure if you run your claws along his back. The pain should not be severe , more like scratching.

6. Virgo

Some people think that Virgos are pretty cold in bed. It’s just how much they trust their partner. Representatives of this sign love tenderness.

Erogenous zones: abdomen (navel, area above the pubis).

Pose for a woman
Modest Virgo will reveal her full sexual potential if the foreplay begins with kissing over the panties area.

Pose for a man
Covering his belly with kisses, we slowly descend lower, lower, lower …

7. Libra

Libra woman

Do you know which zodiac sign has the most luxurious ass? Libra! Many scales love cycling, which makes their buttocks resemble two elastic halves of a ball. Some signers may like additional finger stimulation of the anus. Be tactful and gentle, otherwise such a caress will shock and resent Libra.

Erogenous zones: buttocks, anus.

Pose for a woman
Libra women lose their poise if they are grabbed by the ass at the most voluptuous moment.

Pose for a man
When a partner holds his buttocks, setting the beat, the Libra man sex learns an indescribable pleasure.

8. Scorpio

A funny paradox: although Scorpios are considered the sexiest sign, they are among them the largest number of virgins and supporters of monogamy. The fact is that for Scorpio, sex is inextricably linked with the manifestation of deep love or at least the strongest affection. Only in this case will Scorpio show all his sexuality. Erogenous zones: pubis, genitals. The pose for a Scorpio woman is rather suspicious and does not allow anyone to approach her, but if she does, she will want to feel the kisses of the artist in the most cherished place. Pose for a man “Scorpion sting” – that’s where all his energy is concentrated. A Scorpio man can be made to fall in love with a long, skillful blowjob. Stimulating the scrotum will turn it on even more. 

9. Sagittarius

Inflamed with passion for you, this sign will do everything to pierce your heart with an arrow of love. Sagittarius is a true hunter by nature. In his fantasies, Sagittarius sees himself as a swift centaur, a knight-conqueror. He longs for the victim to fall at his feet, covering them with kisses.

Erogenous zones: thighs, groin.

Pose for a woman The
arrogant Amazon will be exhausted with bliss if the chosen one portrays a submissive sex slave, satisfying his mistress and stroking her legs.
Pose for a man
These men, more than other brothers, like to take a girl in their arms and gallop off into the bedroom in order to lay (or better, throw!) The lady of the heart on the bed, tearing off her clothes. Don’t think that he needs a submissive princess. He expects from you and active action too. Sagittarius will start from a half turn if you rub your body against his hips.

10. Capricorn

Capricorn figs you will understand. Sometimes he is so balanced and calm that Libra will envy him. And sometimes Capricorn turns into a volcano of passions. The erogenous zones of this sign seem to drift throughout the body, depending on its mood. In any case, it will not be superfluous to pay attention to the kneecaps and the area around them.

Erogenous zones: the whole body, but especially the knees.

Pose for a woman
If a partner strokes a shy goat on the knee, he will immediately want to continue.
Pose for a Man You cannot do
without empathy . Get a feel for your partner’s mood by choosing a pose. In this case, you can hold on to his knees.

11. Aquarius

Aquarius perceives sex as an integral part of being. You don’t have to persuade him to try something new. He is always ready to dive headlong into the sea of ​​bliss. By the way, this sign loves erotic foreplay in the water.
Erogenous zones: ankles.

Pose for women The
delicate area of ​​the skin of the ankles of the Aquarius woman is unusually sensitive. You can start your foreplay with a gentle foot massage. She will love ankle kisses during sex.

Pose for Man
Gently massage his ankles with your thumbs, while allowing them to enter you.

12. Fish

Gentle lovers and voyeurs, Pisces enjoy sex like art. Like no other, this sign loves erotic dances, spicy photos. Pisces is not averse to admiring a partner while he pleases himself in a seductive position.
Erogenous zones: feet.

Pose for a woman
Rybka will get real pleasure if her beloved gently removes her holsters from her , covering her legs with kisses.
Pose for a man
You can pleasantly surprise your partner by stroking his feet during sex.
Add variety to your intimate life by trying these positions. And in general, why limit yourself only to your zodiac sign? Perhaps the lioness snoozing in the Virgin and fish on a amom case – Scorpio? 

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