10 ways to make sex spicy

Sadly, sex can get boring. There are many reasons for this. Partners (relatively recently engaged in sexual activity, having lost their virginity) feel embarrassed and afraid to scare off their passion, offering sex “with peppercorns.” Spouses or lovers who have lived together for several years feel that they are fed up with each other. No, love is alive, but passion is dormant. If you are touched by such an attack, urgently bring spice and madness into your intimate life ! How exactly? Here are some foolproof tricks.

1. Blindfold

Vision is the most important sense organ, thanks to which we receive 90% of information. However, it prevents us from fully activating other senses: smell, touch, hearing and taste. Blindfolded, you focus on the sensations. By the way, this is one of the methods to enhance sensuality, because without seeing anything around, you will fully feel the warm breath of your partner, his smell, his touch and the taste of a kiss.

2. Binding

This method should only be used with a reliable partner. Never let a stranger tie you up. You never know what? Suddenly he is the Cannibal Lecturer! No, no, I’m not kidding. If you have a stable relationship and your beloved himself is not averse to fooling around – go for it. Bondage will allow the dominant partner to have complete control of the process, and the passive partner to relax and have fun. And if you tie, and blindfold – it’s just a bomb! Try it, though. The brain is 100% focused not on the picture, but on the tactile experience.

3. Sharp teeth, sharp claws

Not all men enjoy being bitten and scratched. Although, in fact, the problem is HOW EXACTLY they are bitten or scratched. Of course, if you drive sharpened nails into his back with all the foolishness (biting off the shmat of the neck along the way), then the guy will not be delighted. A friend of mine complained that he had to leave a girl he had been courting for a long time. To a reasonable question about what the beauty was guilty of, our Romeo suddenly sobbed like a small child and, lifting his T-shirt, showed his back. The sight was terrible, as if a werewolf attacked him! Through the sobs, one could clearly hear only “Fool, damn it!”
You need to bite tangibly, but gently, without biting into the skin to the meat. Do not dig your nails into your body – run them over the skin as if you were scratching it slowly. Such scratches should leave temporary pinkish marks on the skin, not bloody smudges. Most guys whine with pleasure at the same time, like puppies scratching behind their ears!

4. Fights without rules

Just kidding, I’m not suggesting you mutter each other with all the dope. You just have to fool around. Drop him on the floor or on the bed, grab his hands, flounder, laugh. And then rip off each other’s clothes and have a roast with eks!

5. “Dirty” words

Often, girls are so hysterical when men in the heat of passion call them obscene terms that they force them to make love in complete silence. And then we wonder: “Why are they silent? Why don’t they say a word, like the captured partisans ?! ” Allow your partner to use obscene language and use it yourself from time to time. At first the guy will be surprised, but he will approve of the game. It turns on! I’m sorry, what? You are sophisticated, you are a lady, do you hate this? Ku-ku! This article is about spicy sex, and not about the ethics of the institute of noble maidens!

6. Hair in an armful

But with this point, as a rule, guys do not cope, although girls make a mistake. Many people do this: grab the middle or end of the strand and pull what is urine, pulling out the hair along with the root. In fact, you need to spread your fingers, bring them into your hair (as close to the skin as possible), grab a strand and pull. No need to pull out your hair, it hurts! The correct grip will stimulate the scalp, which has many nerve endings. Feelings I will come out indescribably pleasant.

7. Role-playing games

We all heard about them, we all dreamed about them, but most of the world’s population has never tried role-playing games in their lives! I asked my friends (and they are not shy ladies and love sexual variety) and almost all of them answered that they weren’t naughty in this way, although they wanted to. Get your skirt out of the closet, buy a white maid apron or a pair of handcuffs. A stormy night is guaranteed, because men’s eyes light up when they hear the phrase “role play”.

8. Browsing porn together

I remember the first time I asked a guy to watch his favorite porn together. At first, he went unconscious , kicked himself in the chest with his heel and yelled that he hadn’t been involved in such lewd practices and he didn’t have a single seditious record. Then he fell under my persuasion and demonstrated a huge collection of all sorts of things. We immediately sat down to watch it. Giggling, embarrassed , they suddenly felt the desire, and then it came to filming their own home video. I also offered the following guys the same. First, it allows you to better understand your man’s addictions (after all, many are embarrassed to admit them). Second, voyeurism adds spice to sex. And thirdly, you can learn new techniques in bed from the actors !

9. Teasers

Use unambiguous caresses without moving on to the sex itself. Play for time, pause, build up each other’s desire until it reaches its peak. How to understand that the partner has already reached the desired condition? He will bite his lips, tremble, puff (like a bull in a bullfight) and, perhaps, even begin to growl.

10. The obedience game

At times, it is worth bringing a game of submission into your intimate life, that is, you need to let your partner do whatever he pleases. Within the limits of what is reasonable and acceptable for you, of course. During the blowjob, dutifully kneel down in a seductive outfit and let him move as he longs for, guiding your head and setting the pace. But stipulate the condition in advance: then it will be your turn and he will become your sex slave!
Sex is not just a mechanical process, it is the physical embodiment of passion, love. Don’t be afraid to strive for variety while pushing the boundaries of your sensuality. Enjoy each other freely!

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