15 positions in sex for the most flexible

When deciding to try these positions, be prepared for the fact that partners first show enthusiasm, and then try to slip away. Men are still cowards when it comes to acrobatic sketches.

1. Bridge

Instruction. The girl stands on the bridge, legs wide apart. The guy is between her thighs. I sincerely do not understand what girls find in this position, but guys just have balls behind the rollers from the thought that their passions will curl up into an intricate pretzel during sex. The position is not as difficult as it sounds (assuming you have a good stretch, of course). However, all thoughts in her are busy with balance, because the man now and then rocks his partner. For more stability, ask your partner to hold your waist and do not climb on your toes too often , or you will quickly get tired. 

2. Golden Gate

Instruction. The man lies on his back straight. The girl descends over his face and makes a bridge for mutual oral sex. It would seem that in “69” everything was topsy-turvy. But no, people with rich imaginations have managed to complicate this position. This pose allows you to perform the technique with the funny name “three-eyed turtle”, in which the mouth, vagina and anus are simultaneously stimulated . In the “golden gate” it happens as follows: while the girl caresses her partner with her mouth, he makes her kuni and caresses the anus with his finger. Now many have grimaced and fooled , but in vain. There are a great many variations of the “three-eyed turtle, and not all men are able to master the technique, because they need to concentrate on 3 zones at once! To be honest, this is one of the poses that give a woman powerful ( if not multiple) orgasms. 

3. A rainbow of desires

Instruction. The partner lies on his side between the girl’s thighs. The partner lies on her back, making a half turn towards the partner and throwing one leg behind his buttocks. A seemingly simple position, but in reality it is not. It is not very convenient to lie in this position for a long time: the back is numb, the leg aches. However, this option will be an excellent addition to “spoons” for lovers of morning sex. An unusually sensual position allows a man to caress his beloved. The main thing is not to do this for too long. 

4. Wheelbarrow

Instruction. The girl goes down on all fours, and the man raises her legs, holding her friend by the hips. Then the partner wraps her legs around the man’s buttocks. The pose is funny and quite tricky. You do not need to have muscular arms to stay on the floor, because your partner is a reliable support. However, the difficulty lies in penetration itself. A man needs to be a real equilibrist, so as not to “jump out” and at the same time hold the stand without slowing down. 

5. Press from the floor

Instruction. The girl lies on her back and presses her legs to her chest. The man enters, sitting between his partner’s slightly parted thighs. This option will add variety to your intimate life if you can easily touch the floor with your palms during sports exercises. The position provides the deepest possible penetration, allowing the man to fully control the process. I will share a trick: it is better to press your legs to your chest so that you get a seductive hollow. Any guy will appreciate this panoramic view, believe me. A wonderful position if a man has long been going to pump up the muscles of his arms, but (pardon the pun) his hands did not reach. 

6. Press (simplified version)

Instruction. The partners repeat the previous position, but the girl bends her knees slightly, throwing her legs over the partner’s shoulders. If position # 5 is too difficult for you, you can prepare for it by occasionally having sex in a more simplistic position. Thanks to the bending of the knees, there is no strong tension in the muscles. Because the man moves, transferring weight to the partner’s body, this contributes to the rapid improvement of her stretch. 

7. Birch with a slope

Instruction. The girl makes a “birch” with an inclination, lowering her legs at a right angle. Difficult position, but worth it. Maintaining a stance, while experiencing dizzying pleasure – oh, how difficult it is! In this position, it is much easier for a man to act, caressing the girl with his mouth, tongue and fingers. All important areas in front of him – at a glance. The orgasm will also intensify due to the blood flow to the head. If you are completely unbearable, it is better to ask the guy to sit up straight and move so as to rest on his stomach and chest. Remember how in childhood we made a birch tree against the wall? Here in the role of “wall” will be a guy. And to be completely comfortable, it is better for a man to hug his girlfriend by the stomach with one hand – this will give more stability. 

8. Helicopter

Instruction. Partners go down on all fours with their faces in opposite directions (man on top). The partner enters, then raises his legs, transferring the weight to his hands. Having learned about this pose, I showed illustrations to it to many unashamed friends, asking how … well, how is this possible ?! They just threw up their hands in bewilderment. One friend confessed to having seen a position in an adult film. Moreover, the actor also spun at the same time, moving with the help of his hands (his whole body resembled a slow-motion propeller). Probably, the feelings of the partner were simply enchanting. However, according to a friend, the actor was either tied to the ceiling with a transparent fishing line, or he had the ability to levitate. The pose is definitely exciting and fits our top. Perhaps acrobats really can do it, but I’m scared to try this … What if something breaks there? 

9. Amazon

Instruction. The man lies on his back, spreads his legs and bends them at the knees. The girl sits down on top. The miracles of flexibility again have to be shown to the man. Pros for a partner: deep penetration (if the partner is completely lowered), a wonderful view of a woman’s breasts, swaying seductively right in front of him. Advantages for the partner: 100% dominance, the ability to change the depth of entry at will. 

10. Winged Cupid

Instruction. Both partners sit facing each other (girl on top). The partner throws her legs over the shoulders of the man. It may seem like the pose is difficult for girls, but in fact, the guys will have to sweat in it (again). In this position, it is the man who is responsible for the movements: leaning on his palms and heels, he must rhythmically raise his buttocks with sharp jerks, as if trying to throw the girl on him. Only physically strong guys can do it. It will be most comfortable if the girl is petite in stature and weighs little, and the guy is tall with an athletic build. 

11. Spider

Instruction. Partners sit face to face (girl on top). The female partner, leaning on her palms and feet, rises and moves her pelvis in a horizontal plane. The trick is not to move too sharply, otherwise the penis may inadvertently slip out. The position is interesting, as tense pelvic muscles will increase blood circulation and help l better feel each other. 

12. Queen on the throne

Instruction. The man lies on his back with his bent knees pressed to his chest. The girl sits on top, leaning her back on the man’s legs. You have to be careful with this option. Not all men are pleased to turn their genital organ in the opposite direction from the navel. If there is no problem with this and the guy is physically strong, then you should think about such a position in cases where male dignity is not large enough for you and you want maximum deep penetration. 

13. Rocking horse

Instruction. The partner lies on his back with his legs bent and raised. The partner sits on top of the back of his thighs. To prevent this complex structure from collapsing, hold each other by the arms and legs. The pose is fun and can be an interesting option if the man has too large an organ. His thighs will be a buffer zone for you to prevent penetration too deep. The pose will also create a non-standard entry angle. 


14. Lullaby

Instruction. The man sits down with his legs stretched out and apart. The partner lies on her back, throwing her legs over the partner. For really flexible girls, this position will not seem difficult, but comfortable. The beauty is that you can completely relax by surrendering yourself to a man. The partner should move the body of his beloved towards himself and away from himself, as if lulling. The pose is not designed for a quick and short act, but for a slow and long love process. However, it should be avoided if it is difficult for a girl to keep her legs high for a long time, and a man has weak arms and back. Making love in this position should be on a delicate sheet, but to which the body will slide. 


15. Squats

Instruction. The partner lies on his back. The partner sits down on top, squatting down. Seems like everything is simple? Yes, just … the first minute. Physically untrained women may experience back and knee pain. You can start this position only if the girl does squats often: she has strong buttocks and legs and is perfectly able to keep balance. In this case, the partner will get real pleasure, completely sliding off her chosen one and slowly descending again, independently controlling the depth of penetration. By bringing these positions into your intimate life, you will turn your partner into a real gymnastic trainer! And most importantly, you will expand the range of sensations by experiencing hitherto unfamiliar feelings. 

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