15 positions for quiet sex

It is not always possible to allow yourself to relax by expressing pleasure in sighing and yelling. Sometimes you have to restrain yourself, because there may be other people in the house. In this case, it does not hurt to try out several positions for quiet sex.

As a rule, it is women who make noise during sex, emitting voluptuous moans. Men often either mutter something quietly, or keep a proud silence. Many girls wondered what the guys were thinking in moments of deathly silence. Once I could not even stand it and asked my boyfriend what he was thinking at such moments. It turned out that he remembered the number π in order to distract himself and delay the moment of ejaculation. Of course, there are men screaming all over Ivanovskaya. They enthusiastically comment on every action (both their own and their partner’s) and wake up their neighbors with loud screams. We tried to choose positions that will help both guys and girls to have sex without too much noise.

Face down positions

Burying your nose in the pillow or soft surface of the blanket, you can only moan in a muffled tone.

1. Jockey

The good thing about this position is that it allows you to enjoy touching your back and buttocks – for many, these are erogenous zones.

2. Doggy style with spread legs

Legs spread wide for deep penetration. If you bend well , you can change the angle of entry.

3. Doggy-style with flattened legs

Tightly clenched legs are a great defensive measure if a guy has too much dignity. The sigh will really have to be drowned out if the partner knows how to spank the buttocks in an exciting way.

4. Doggy style with a slope

Quite a popular pose among both men and women. The partner should raise the pelvis higher, lowering the shoulders. As soon as there is a desire to moan loudly, we dive with our face in a blanket or pillow.

5. Train of love

A sensual position for those who like close contact. A girl can restrain her moans by hiding her face in bed, and a man just needs to bury his nose in the hair of his beloved, covering his neck and shoulders with kisses.

6. Iron

At the peak of passion, you want to squeeze a man to you, as close as possible, but the trouble is – you can’t reach with your hands in this position. Better to bend your knees and press his buttocks against you with your feet. And don’t forget about the pillow gag.

Kissing positions

There is nothing sweeter than drowning out the enthusiastic groan of a loved one with a hot kiss. For this option, all positions are suitable that allow you to quickly attract a partner to kiss.

1. Missionary position

The most famous position is considered boring. But is it? Of course not! If the guy makes a noise, you can wrap your arms and legs around him, hugging him to you.

2. Missionary with legs closed

The compressed hips allow you to experience the sensual frictions of not usually tight penetration.

3. Hammer and anvil

To make it easier to kiss each other, the partner needs to press her knees to her chest, spreading her hips. This will allow the man not to snuggle as close as possible.

4. Lotus

Positions of this kind are considered one of the most sensual, as they leave a wide scope for caresses, because both partners have free hands. In this position, it is convenient to hug each other, merging into a kiss.

5. Tilted Rider

The pose has a lot of advantages. The woman is completely dominant, can change the angles of penetration, increase friction at will, etc. A man will be able to caress the lady’s clitoris, breasts, buttocks. Well, at the moment when you want to make some noise, you just need to bend over and kiss him!

6. Sitting face to face

Eye contact is an extremely important part of sex, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Positions like this allow us to study our partner by observing their facial expressions, breathing, etc. And you can also kiss, kiss, kiss …

7. On the side, face to face

This body position can be considered ideal for quiet sex. First, your lips are close and a kiss is the best gag. Secondly, the actions of both partners are limited, so sex will come out slowly and without harsh loud screams.

8. Spoons

Although here we are again dealing with a position on the side, limiting the range of motion, this option causes a storm of emotions, forcing many girls to shout the name of the Almighty in vain, squirm and make noise in every possible way. The fact is that it is convenient for the partner to stimulate the key zones of pleasure: nipples, neck, ears, clitoris. Therefore, it is better for the partner to slightly rotate the torso, allowing the man to drown her with kisses. If kissing is uncomfortable, just ask your loved one to cover your mouth with the palm of your hand. Just make sure he doesn’t cover his nose either. And then men have such paws that they will strangle you inadvertently. We swam – we know.

9. Pose “69”

And for dessert – kisses of the most intimate. This option will allow both partners to remain quiet. It is difficult to make noise when your loved one is busy with your mouth.
Quiet sex can be elevated to the level of art. Even if you don’t need to be silent during lovemaking, try these positions to hold back your moans. The principle of “forbidden fruit” will work, from which the pleasure will only increase! 

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