12 best sex positions for the shy

Probably, on the whole planet, you can’t find a person who at least once was not shy during sex. Is it worth giving up a night of love because of complexes? Of course not! It is better to choose a pose that will give you freedom from shame.

I would say that you just need to calm down the “cockroaches” in your head and love your body for what it is. Yes, only we all perfectly understand that it is not so easy to overcome the complexion. Fortunately, there are many positions that can help shy women relax and enjoy the love process.

Positions without eye contact

At the beginning of a relationship, when they first have sex, many are confused by eye contact. In this case, it will not be superfluous to pay attention to the positions in which the woman is located with her back to her partner.

1. Doggy with a strong slope

Cool position for shy girls who crave rough sex. The pose guarantees a sea of ​​sensations and at the same time relieves you of the need to look your partner in the eye.

2. Back to him in the bath

Pleasant warm water will help you relax, as will half a glass of champagne. Fragrant foam will hide you underneath, helping to hide all problem areas from the inquisitive male gaze. Just remember not to get carried away by adding essential oils to the water, as they can cause an allergic reaction and itching.

3. Lying with legs raised

In this variant, although the partner lies facing the man, she avoids gaze. If you have slender legs, but you can’t call your stomach flat, you can lie on the bed (or on the table) and raise your legs. Position yourself so that your thighs cover your stomach, and your calves prevent your partner from seeing your face. The man will fully focus on slender legs.

4. Spoons

A secure position that will appeal to even the most modest, modest women. The partner can only see the back of the girlfriend’s head, so you don’t have to be nervous. The advantage of the position is that it provides an opportunity for additional affection.

5. Iron

In fact, these are the same “spoons”, only with a twist. Partners do not lie on their side: the girl lies on her stomach, and the man is on top, pressing against her back. It is important for the guy to keep his weight in his arms without leaning on his friend’s body, otherwise it will be difficult for her to breathe.

6. Scorpio

The pose is a bit like ” doggy style “, but in it the man sits with his legs straight. This option is interesting in its own way, since in it the scrotum rubs against the clitoris, causing unusual and pleasant sensations. And of course no eye contact!

Positions with close body touch

For those who are ashamed of their body, it is better to resort to poses with close contact. This includes face-to-face options. If you are not only ashamed of the body, but also nervous from the gaze of a man, then choose poses such as “spoons”.

1. Missionary classic

Perhaps the popularity of the “missionary” position is largely due to the fact that it allows you to hide your body under your partner’s torso. It is good for couples who want to look each other in the eyes, are greedy for kisses, but are also ashamed of their bodies.

2. Missionary with raised legs

Lie on your back and then wrap your legs around your partner. In this position, you can divert attention from the abdomen and legs, while kissing a loved one. The dominant man will be too focused on his actions, so you will enjoy the process.

3. On the side, face to face

Cuddling as close to your partner as possible, wrap your arms and legs around him, preventing him from freeing himself. This will avoid changing the position to a more frank one if a man wants to admire your body in a friend.

4. Oil rig

If you want to hide a troubled tummy (for example, with a cesarean mark or stretch marks), throw your legs over your partner’s shoulders. In addition, this option will provide deep penetration.

5. Rig with bent knees

The previous option is not suitable for women with poor stretch. However, it can be modified by placing pillows under the basin. It is enough to bend your knees and rest your partner’s feet on the chest. In such a sex , he will not consider the belly.

6. Lotus

The gentle lotus position allows you to focus on kissing without thinking about your figure. By snuggling together, you limit your view of the body, allowing you to completely relax while enjoying sensual sex.
If you don’t find positions that are comfortable for you, use all sorts of tricks. For example, you can turn off the light or light candles: their soft flicker not only makes it difficult to see you better, but also relaxes, setting you in a romantic mood. In addition, you can blindfold your partner – it’s erotic.
Enjoy each other, but do not forget that the embarrassment still needs to be overcome. While you are learning to love yourself, let these ideas help you liberate yourself.

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