How to determine the character of a man by his behavior after sex

In the cycle of countless acquaintances and casual relationships, it is rather difficult to opt for a man. After all, after the candy-bouquet period develops into a more serious relationship, a woman stops looking at her chosen one through the prism of “rose-colored glasses” and pays more and more attention to details that could characterize a partner and show his true essence. How to choose the right life partner and not be mistaken? One of the ways is to take a closer look at the behavior of the man in the bedroom, or rather, after the intimacy has taken place. Trust me, you can learn a lot about your lover.

Character value

Character is something that you cannot argue with and it is useless to fight. As a rule, it is almost impossible to fix it, but you can only try to find ways of coexistence. In order not to suffer all your life, it is important to understand in time who you are dealing with, but not all women succeed in this.

At the initial stage of a relationship, men can skillfully hide their shortcomings or not show themselves to the fullest. To understand with whom you will have to live and what to be ready for, you need to spend more than one month communicating with your chosen one in various conditions. This is a very lengthy process, and even this is not always enough to get to know a person completely and completely.

We have already told you how to make this task easier for ladies: for example, how to understand that you are dating the wrong guy, or how to determine the psychotype of a man by his gastronomic preferences. Today we offer another way to analyze the chosen one by his behavior in the first minutes after carnal pleasures. This will help with a high degree of probability to determine the manner of a man’s behavior in everyday life.   

Male behavior patterns after sex

· He quickly dresses 

Are you familiar with the situation when a young man, after intimacy, begins to pretend to be a “cadet”: he jumps out of bed with lightning speed, tries to gather himself as quickly as possible and dissolve in the darkness? Do you think that this is a business person who, in her busy schedule, sets aside a few minutes of free time to demonstrate her tender feelings? Do not flatter yourself. Psychologists agree that this is just a sign of shyness. Young people of this psychotype prefer loneliness, and they come to you to satisfy their physiological needs. Such men are very selfish and rather reluctant to approach, they are not disposed to monogamy. Even if you manage to grab the attention of such a handsome man, the likelihood is very high that he will change.

· He quickly falls asleep 

Guys who, after rough and passionate sex, turn to the wall and quickly fall asleep, prefer a calm and even relationship. Spontaneity, inconsistency, expressiveness are not about them. If you have chosen such a man as a couple, do not count on a frantic display of emotions and feelings. They prefer calm and even relationships, do not like to take responsibility for making important decisions, and are happy to shift this burden onto their soul mate. The only thing you can count on in such a relationship is boundless trust and loyalty. Learn to understand it without words. If you succeed, his gratitude will be limitless.

· It runs to take a shower 

Do you think if a guy ran to the bathroom, then he is squeamish or too clean? Not at all! It’s just that this representative of the stronger sex knows his own worth and is attentive to himself and his body, he knows a lot about good intoxicating drinks and high-quality food. Such a man will be calm only when he is convinced that he has given you maximum satisfaction. Another important point. If you have got this standard of masculinity and attractiveness in your bed and want to keep it near you, then you must correspond to it. Fitness room, beauty salon, passion for fashion trends should become an integral part of your life. Unfortunately, even this will not be enough to keep the gentleman near him. Do not forget that this macho lives with emotions. As long as you can surprise and delight him , such a man will be there.

· He kisses and hugs 

Passions subsided, emotions subsided, but he continues to press you to his chest, kiss on the neck and whisper compliments in his ear. Congratulations – you’ve met a sentimental and romantic nature. By the way, he may have already planned out your life together and raising children. Such young people are very amorous and are considered almost every new acquaintance as a potential soul mate. However, you should not rush to rejoice and flatter yourself. These young people are very jealous and suspicious. Such a chosen one, most likely, will accompany you even while shopping with your friends, so you may not even stutter about your “personal space ”.

· He loves to talk 

Of course, you can often feel uncomfortable next to such a chosen one. You have not yet had time to move away from passionate love games, and he is already talking about the principle of the internal combustion engine. Don’t be in a hurry to get upset. It’s not that bad. You just come across a copy that can quickly switch from one case to another and has high performance. The qualities are definitely positive, but not for you. For these men, a woman plays a secondary role and is always in the background. In a sexual relationship, these guys are pretty selfish. The more time you are around, the less you will receive intimate attention and the more you will satisfy its needs.

· It lights 

Not a very encouraging bell. If the guy after the end of intercourse reaches for a cigarette, this is a sign of insecurity. The most that such a man can give you is crazy nights of love. Otherwise, you will have to take the initiative in your own hands.

· He goes to the kitchen for a meal 

Men who cannot forget about their stomach even during intimacy are typical family men. Their whole life is a well thought out and developed plan that does not tolerate any changes. If you like a quiet and measured life, then you have made the right choice.

· He immersed himself in 

If you notice that after intimacy the young man stares at one point and thinks about something, do the same. Think carefully whether you need a man “on your mind.” He will never initiate you into his thoughts, but will only benefit from your wearing and manipulate you.
If you are still tormented by the age-old question: “to be or not to be”, observe the behavior of your loved one after intimacy. According to psychologists, it is in the first five minutes after intercourse that a man commits those acts that fully reflect the hidden traits of his character.

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