18 sex positions in bath, shower and jacuzzi

A romantic evening can begin with sensual lovemaking in the bathroom. We have prepared for you a selection of positions that will turn ordinary water procedures into an exciting intimate experience.

1. Seahorse

This is a reverse cowgirl position that opens up room for clitoral stimulation.

Instruction The

man sits on his buttocks, leaning on his elbows and stretching his legs. The partner sits on top of the garden , with her back to him.

2. Playful washerwoman

Remember the creepy Soviet era washing machines? These are rumbling monsters that can jump out of the bath with your laundry! Save this miracle technique because it can be used for unforgettable sex.

Instruction The

partner is pressed against the surface of the vibrating machine by her stomach and chest . The man enters from behind.

3. Naughty bubbles

Are you in the jacuzzi? Wonderful, wonderful! Then it’s time to actively use jets of water to stimulate intimate places.

Instruction The

girl kneels in front of the jets. The man is located behind, resting against the side or hugging couples .

4. Run aground

In this position, you can have sex if you are the happy owners of a jacuzzi or bathtub with a seat. You are guaranteed to provide deep penetration, experiencing a wide range of feelings.

Instruction The

man sits facing his girlfriend on the step. The girl sits down on his haunches. Do you want a stormy passion? See a scene from the movie “show- Girls ” and try Copy acce character movement.

5. Displacer

Another cool pose for deep jacuzzi baths. Orgasm and massage at the same time – what could be better?

Instruction The

girl lies on her back, leaning back on the side. The man is positioned between her thighs, holding his partner’s legs with his hands so that you lie with his back on the water.

6. Submarine

Yes, again a jacuzzi. No, really, have you ever tried to have sex with these delicious, body-caressing bubbles? Try it, you won’t regret it! Help the guy to raise the “periscope” and start the pose. Instruction The partner settles down on a special seat-step, and the girl lies on his knees, throwing her legs over her shoulders. This position is more designed for smooth and sensual sex without unnecessary movements. The partner can only slightly move the girl’s body with his hands. All in a chip in caresses! 

7. On the same wavelength

The lotus position allows couples in love to kiss, hug, whisper all sorts of nonsense to each other. This is an unusually gentle and sensual option.

Instruction The

man sits on his buttocks, taking the “lotus” position. The girl is placed on top, bending her knees.

8. Splashes of passion

Warm shower trickles will be an excellent additional stimulation.

Instruction The

girl lies down on the bottom of the bathtub, sitting on her side. Raises one leg and places it on the partner’s shoulder. The man is between her thighs.

9. High tide

This is a cool position for genital stimulation. Moving back and forth, you raise a wave that caresses your bodies.


Having collected some water in the bathroom, the partners lie on the bottom (facing each other). Closely pressing her body against the man, the woman begins to actively move.

10. Fish on a hook

This pose is designed for eye contact. You can twist and snuggle closer to each other for a kiss, although it takes some skill.

Instruction The

guy and the girl sit with their knees bent. Then, each one puts his hands under his partner’s knees.

11. Knee-deep sea

If the chest and abdomen are your erogenous zones, then this position will provide stimulation. A man will also like her, as he gets an exciting view of his girlfriend’s back and ass.

Instruction The

partner sits down, leaning back on the bathroom wall. His knees are slightly bent. The girl sits on top (with her back to the man) and leans forward, pressing her chest against his knees, and her stomach against his hips.

12. Small boat

Do you have a small bathtub? It doesn’t matter! You can also enjoy your loved one in it. The movement of the water will become an additional affection.


Partners sit facing each other with their elbows on the sides. The girl throws her legs over the guy’s shoulders. Since movement in a small bath is limited, it is recommended to use the vaginal muscle contraction technique .

13. Waterfall of passion

If you have a flexible hose in your shower, then this position is worth trying. The main thing is that the water is not too hot.

Instruction The

man sits down behind the girl’s back with his legs extended. The partner is located on top (bending her legs under her), stimulating the erogenous zones with a shower stream.

14. Zeus and Danae

The pose is only partly similar to “Waterfall”. In this version, it is easier for the girl to actively move, setting the pace.

Instruction The

man sits down in the same way as in the previous paragraph. This time the partner is squatting from above.

15. And your soap fell …

The classic standing position for sex. Her only drawback is that she is not suitable for short girls and tall guys.


Both partners take a shower. The girl slightly tilts the torso forward, the man enters from behind, holding each other with his hands at the waist or hips.

16. On a slippery edge

In principle, a stable posture, but it will not be superfluous to take some precautions. Place a non-slip mat on the bottom of the shower and make sure there is some secure handrail nearby.

Instruction The

girl raises one leg, leaning on the side. The man stands behind his partner, entering her from behind. The water flowing from the shower will stimulate the bodies of lovers.

17. Anchor

The pose is certainly interesting, but not suitable for everyone. First, a woman must be flexible. Secondly, the growth of partners should not differ significantly. If both of these points do not concern you, then be sure to experiment!


Partners take a shower. The girl rests on one leg, grabbing her partner with the other leg.

18. Doggy style in the bathroom

Well, how can you get around such a delightful pose? The option is good in itself, and the additional beauty is that the water caresses the stomach, chest and more!

Instruction The

partners are located in the bathroom, adjusting the water level (it should touch the genitals, but not completely cover them). The girl kneels, leaning on her hands. The man enters from behind.
Ready to experiment? Just be careful not to slip. Enjoy each other and be carried away on the waves of love!

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