12 magical sex positions for those who are depressed

You’ve probably heard that during intimacy, our bodies produce hormones of happiness and pleasure. These hormones are extremely beneficial for the body: they strengthen physical health, slow down the aging process and (just as important) have a beneficial effect on our emotional well-being, helping to fight stress. Let’s explore postures that will become a wonderful panacea for depression and anxiety.

Probably, everyone had moments when problems piled up one after another, there is no desire for sex. It is important to regain your calm mood. Take a bath, get a massage, listen to relaxing music, and then move on to foreplay and the most comfortable positions for you.  

1. Classic missionary position

Perhaps the most popular position has a beneficial effect on the well-being of partners if a trusting relationship is established between them. In this position, eye contact is maintained, you can hug. But hugs are compared to a lifeline that supports us in times of danger.

2. Jockey pose

Let your partner not worry: in this position, a man does not need to weigh up to 60 kilograms to become an excellent jockey. The position provides a fast rhythm and allows a woman to relax, feeling herself in safe male hands. If a guy is depressed , then this posture will give him confidence. He will feel himself master of the situation. 

3. Iron

A pleasant and soothing position – after a busy day at work. The main thing is to make sure that the partner does not put his whole body on his girlfriend. He is better off putting his weight on his elbows and hips. This position creates an imitation of a pleasant massage, when the man’s torso gently rubs against the woman’s back. “Iron” will give minutes of sweet bliss to both partners.

4. Split bamboo

Great for couples who like deep penetration. It is also suitable if a woman is pleased with stroking her calves and thighs. Men who appreciate the beauty of women’s legs will be able to caress the thighs of their friends. This position is most pleasant for measured sex with long back and forth movements. Many girls choose a pace at which men come out slowly and enter abruptly and deeply.

5. Birch

Want some dizzying sex and love flexible sex positions? Then the girl should lie with her head down, throwing her legs over her partner’s shoulders. Don’t worry, it won’t be hard for a man. 

6. Slingshot

Another interesting solution for poses in which the partner wants to see his girlfriend’s legs. An additional plus is that both participants in the process hold hands. Believe me, in moments of spiritual turmoil it is extremely pleasant to feel how someone’s tender palm squeezes your hand.

7. Horsewoman

The cowgirl pose was and remains one of the most popular. Why did we choose her for a selection of postures for depression? It’s simple. The woman becomes confident, gaining complete control over intercourse. At the same time, the man relaxes, calms down and admires the body of his chosen one. In addition to all of the above, the “Rider” position is considered convenient for using the pompour technique . Everything is in the black! 

8. Cupid’s wings

An excellent position for people who are passionately in love with each other. It provides the closest possible contact between bodies, making it possible to cover lips, faces, necks, shoulders and hands with kisses. By the way, it doesn’t hurt to master different kissing techniques. The hot touch of the lips of a loved one will definitely drive away gloomy thoughts. Incidentally, this is one of those positions in which (according to statistics) couples most often achieve simultaneous orgasm. 

9. Rubber ball

Have you had a fight and don’t really want to kiss and look at each other? This is not a reason to give up a hot night of love! Try to have sex in such a wonderful position where your partner can bounce bouncingly, like a playful rubber ball. In addition, in this position, a woman has the opportunity to additionally caress her intimate places (both hers and her partner’s), rubbing her chest and belly against the man’s body like a cat.

10. Spoons

The pose got its name because of the similarity with two spoons pressed against each other. This sensual position is suitable in cases where you are tired and there is simply no strength for active sex. The pose is recommended before bed and immediately after bed, especially if partners like to sleep in this position. “Spoons” are also beautiful because a man can penetrate into his beloved, simultaneously caressing her clitoris, bringing at once to several types of orgasm.

11. Sloth

An excellent position if a friend wants to please her man, and he is not particularly disposed to love games. Just let him lie still, lazily spread out on the bed.

12. Pearl catcher

Is your situation exactly the opposite? If a man wants to please his beloved, then it is worth taking a closer look at the position of the “Pearl Catcher”. This is almost a classic position for cunnilingus with the only difference that the woman throws her legs over her partner’s shoulders. Thus, she (by squeezing and spreading her legs) can enhance pleasure, and it will be easier for a man to maneuver between her thighs. In this position, the pistol technique will be an excellent addition. To do this, the palm must be folded in the form of a pistol: bend the index finger (or middle), press the rest to the palm. The man inserts his index finger into the vagina, massaging the clitoris with his thumb in a circular motion. When the arousal builds up, the partner can insert two fingers (index and middle), continuing to caress the clitoris with his thumb, tongue and lips. I assure you, after such caresses, the woman’s mood will become sunny!
It goes without saying that with serious emotional problems, sex is not a magic pill. And yet, it helps significantly in dealing with stress. Drive away the melancholy, do not deny yourself the joys of intimacy and remember that all troubles pass. Enjoy every day and love each other! 

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