Allergy to grease – myth or reality?

Can you be allergic to intimate lubricants? How can you avoid this problem? And how to distinguish an allergy from a disease ? Simple answers to questions about your reaction to lubricants. Tips for choosing a lubricant that will not cause negative reactions. 

What could be allergic during sex?

Anyone can experience allergies during sex. And it can be on different subjects. For example, on latex if you use condoms. On a sex toy if it is made of low-quality material. Or even on the sperm of a partner, this is rare, but it happens.

How is allergy manifested? Everyone has it differently. It can be itching in the intimate area, swelling or redness. Any discomfort after sex could be a sign of an allergy. But the symptoms may be similar to sexually transmitted diseases. The only difference is that the allergy manifests itself immediately, and the symptoms of the disease with some delay. 

What lubricants are allergic to?

Lubricants are most often made on a hypoallergenic basis. But so that they have a pleasant aroma, have certain effects, additional components are added to the base. And there can be an individual reaction to them.

Lubricants warming, cooling, stimulating more often cause allergies than neutral formulations. Therefore, if there is a tendency to negative reactions, it is worth choosing neutral formulations without much action.

Before buying, you need to study the composition , it is always indicated on the package. And if the list contains natural herbs, spices, it is better to exclude the purchase. 

How to prevent allergies?

In addition to buying neutral lubricants, you can also conduct an individual reaction test. It is recommended to do it before using any cosmetic product, not only intimate. How do I test?

  • Apply a drop of the product to the bend of the elbow.
  • Rub the composition into the skin and do not rinse for 1-2 hours.
  • If after 90 minutes there is no redness or other reactions, you can use the product as directed.
    The test will help to avoid problems. It is much more difficult to eliminate the consequences of the reaction on the genitals than on the hand.

What to do if you have an allergy?

If suddenly unpleasant sensations appear, you need to immediately wash off the composition. Even if it is water-based, it must be eliminated with warm water and soap.

After washing, the sensations should subside. If this does not happen, you need to see a doctor. He will examine the site of application, determine whether it is really an allergy or not, and prescribe treatment. Usually, the symptoms disappear in 2-3 days, but you have to take antihistamines.

Allergy is not fatal. It is unlikely to cause serious health damage. This is just an unpleasant effect that must be eliminated. It’s easier to run tests beforehand than talk to doctors later. Most lubricants are non-allergenic. According to statistics, no more than 1 out of a thousand people face a negative reaction to lubrication. This is less than 1% of users . There is no need to be afraid to buy lubricants, they are very useful, they make sex more comfortable. But everyone needs to protect themselves, and conduct a sensitivity test after purchase. In the assortment of our store more than a thousand different lubricants. We have been selling lubricants for more than 19 years, and during this time only 6 times users have complained of allergies. We select only high-quality formulations that are safe for humans. They meet international quality standards and are suitable for regular use. 

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