How to make a million on a sex blog

The world is changing, the opinion of individuals is valued more and more today. And by starting a personal blog, you can even earn millions. Can you make a million on a sex blog? Of course, the concept is also suitable for other areas, but in this niche the competition is not high today, and user interest is huge.

How to become a blogger

All major online sites are interested in new bloggers. It is these people who drive sales, improve traffic. But not every person will succeed in becoming valuable to social networks. Certain qualities and actions are required that will lead to success. So what should a person who aspires to be a blogger be able to do?

  • Work without earning money. It takes time to find your audience. It will take 1-2 years to promote your project. And all this time there may not be a decent income. And sometimes you even have to invest in promotion in order to increase coverage. And only the most patient will get to earnings. 
  • Do something regularly. If a person creates content regularly, the sites themselves begin to promote it. The algorithms are tuned so that active people are “moved” forward. The mechanism does not turn on immediately, it takes 1-2 months to be active in order to see that there is help from the outside. And for this you have to write, shoot and upload something every day. Taking breaks will negatively affect the result. 
  • Learn constantly. To be popular, you need to master new formats, methods of user engagement. And every day there are more of them. Regularly you need to find new ideas, make unusual shots. And inspiration is not enough, you just need to learn from experience. 

If a person is ready for this path, then it will not be difficult for him to earn a million. Of course, such money will not come immediately, but in a few years. But it’s definitely worth a try.

How to make a million on a sex blog

First you need to find an interested audience. These should be people who are interested in your opinion, who are ready to follow your life. And to find such people is easier if the blog has an interesting topic. That is why it is worth writing about sex and sex toys, because this topic has always been of interest to people.
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audience needs to be expanded. And when it is already significant, you can start advertising. You can earn in different ways.

  • Payment for advertising. It brings from several hundred rubles to several million. For example, advertising for a person with a million subscribers in 2019 costs at least 50 thousand rubles. 10 advertising projects per month will already bring half a million. 
  • Percentage for the sale of goods. In addition to paying for advertising, you can take a percentage of the sale of goods. For this, a contract with shops is concluded. 
  • Given and other competitions. Hosting a givea can bring in several million. Of course, their popularity is falling, but there are people who still continue to participate. In the near future there will be other alternatives to such advancement, they will be no less profitable. 
  • Sale of courses. Having gathered a million audience, you can teach others how to promote. Or conduct any other courses. Subscribers who trust the opinion will be happy to come to face-to-face meetings, paying a fee for this. 

A blogger’s income consists of several things. And to get a million, you need no more than 500 thousand subscribers. And sometimes the treasured amount is collected in a few months with a much smaller audience.

A million is not a large amount for bloggers. There are examples when bloggers in Russia receive several million a month. And this can be implemented in any topic. But little is written about sex today, the niche is free, and it is here that you can make a million the fastest!

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