9 correct positions for sex in the bathroom

We recently started talking about sex in the bathroom. My friends shook their heads skeptically at my appeals to get a similar experience The fact is that many consider wet coitus in a confined space to be the lot of lovers of unconventional copulation. My arguments crashed against the persistent prejudices of the ladies. You see, it is inconvenient for them to make love inside a cast-iron container. Now the legs are numb, then it presses on the knees, then the water washes away the lubricant. Let’s say the last problem is solved by purchasing a silicone-based lubricant , but what to do with a low level of comfort? The answer is very simple – you need to find the right sex position. Agree, you shouldn’t try the missionary position in a trough filled with water. So, here are 9 body positions for stunning bathroom experiments.  


1. Deep squat

Technique. The guy leans back on the side, stretching his legs slightly bent at the knees. The girl places her feet on the sides of her partner’s hips and sits down on his penis. For more balance, she holds onto the shoulders of her lover. Why will you like it. The small space between your bodies will allow you to observe the frictions . It is possible to alternate the shallow introduction of the head with docking along the entire length of the genital organ. If the girl gets close to the guy’s torso, then his pubic bone will begin to rub against the clitoris. Advice. Take full advantage of the position presented and additionally stimulate your partner’s nipples. 



2. Tango on the buttocks

Technique. The man is reclining in the bathroom, leaning back slightly. The girl sits down facing her lover as close as possible to his buttocks. She puts her hands under his bent knees, wrapping her legs around his torso. Frictions are produced by smooth swaying back and forth. The pose is suitable for men with a large penis. Why will you like it. Not a very comfortable position, but in the cramped space of a small bath, it opens up in a new way. If on land, the performance of “Tango on the buttocks” leads to a gradual separation of lovers from each other and loss of contact, then in water the sides will act as a limiting factor. Advice. Since your mouths are in close proximity, you shouldn’t neglect hot kisses. Don’t forget to bite your partner’s neck and ears as well.  



3.100% proximity

Technique. The guy sits in the lotus position, leaning against the wall. The girl sits on top, wraps her legs around his torso and crosses behind his feet. Why will you like it. Close hugs, beating of hearts, echoing in the body of a loved one, the sweetness of kisses on the lips … What could be more beautiful? Advice. In order not to slip the booty on the bathroom, it is advisable to lay a rubber yoga mat on the bottom. 



4. Boogie-woogie in the bathroom

Technique. The man leans on the side of the bathtub. The legs are extended, the knees are slightly bent. The girl sits on top of him according to the “Reverse Rider” principle. The ankles serve as a support for the lady. She is placed with her chest on the partner’s hips and slides along them, making reciprocating movements. Why will you like it. An incredibly deep insertion ensures maximum pleasure for both lovers. Plus, a woman can control the speed and intensity of penetration. Advice. To relieve pressure on the back, it is advisable to place a waterproof inflatable pillow under the partner’s back. 



5. Boat

Technique. Ideal pose for a small bath. Lovers are located on opposite sides of the container and recline on the sides, like on chairs. Moving to the guy’s buttocks, the girl throws her ankles on his shoulders. Why will you like it. In this position, during the frictions , a lot of splashes are formed, which adds to the spectacular intercourse. Advice. If the walls of the bathtub painfully cut into the back, then slightly change the position of the bodies. Hug tightly and continue the process without removing the sword from its scabbard.  



6. Displacer

Technique. Sex position for owners of deep baths or pools. Fill the container almost to capacity. The girl rests her shoulder blades and forearms on the side. The guy kneels between her spread legs. He lifts his mistress by the hips. Penetration is carried out by the canopy. Why will you like it. The floating position increases the flexibility of the pelvis, and the water relieves the stress on the muscles of the partners. This opens up unlimited scope for acrobatic experiments. Advice. If your bathtub is equipped with a hydromassage function, then sit in front of one of their outlets. The flow will provide additional stimulation and pleasant relaxation. 



7. Niagara Falls

Technique. Now is the time to play with the shower spray. The guy sits down with his straight legs outstretched. The girl saddles her partner so that her back looms in front of his face. The lover holds the sweetheart by the chest and enters from behind. The stream of water should be directed to the erogenous zones. Why will you like it. This supersensual position is suitable for women who find it difficult to reach orgasm. A man gains access to the clitoris, and the head of his penis rests against point G. Advice. The partner can lather his hands and slide his palms over the body of his beloved, combining erotic massage with petting . 



8. Total ripple

Technique. Another juicy use of a shower spray for love pleasures. The difference from the previous position is that the girl is sitting on a squat. The feet are the fulcrum for her. The stream of water is directed strictly between the legs towards the clitoris and scrotum. Why will you like it. Double pleasure for both partners. The girl receives both internal and external stimulation at the same time, and the guy massages the perineum and the inner side of the thighs with a stream. Advice . Carefully adjust the force of ejection of the liquid or use an atomizer with the maximum dispersion of the droplets. Otherwise, the stimulation will turn into torture – the jet will completely beat off your genitals. 


9. Submarine

Technique. The man sits down on one or more inflatable waterproof pillows. His butt should rise significantly above the bottom of the bathroom. The girl clasps her partner’s torso with her legs and rests her knees in his armpits, lying on her lover’s hips. Only her face and chest can be shown on the surface of the water. Why will you like it. The variation will give you a feeling of weightlessness. Due to the fact that the partner’s ears are “flooded” extraneous sounds will not distract from the process. Advice. If you want to concentrate on the sensations, then close your eyes. However, do not be too zealous, making frictions , otherwise you will not drown for a long time. 

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