Wet passion: 12 tips for having sex in the bathroom

When sexual intercourse becomes an obligation, it is urgent to add variety to intimate life. You can watch a lot of porn, try to put it into practice, and face bitter disappointment. Indeed, adult videos have little to do with reality. And it is difficult for family people to organize a “Red Room” at home according to all the canons of the BDSM genre. However, nothing prevents you from sending the kids to visit your grandmother, locking yourself in the apartment and giving each other an hour of sensual caresses. If you are looking for a way to do dirty business and at the same time get a good wash, then sex in the bathroom was invented especially for you. I will describe in detail the sequence of actions in preparing and engaging in wet passion. Plus I will give you a couple of useful tips for beginners.  



1. Find a comfortable temperature

The main mistake of novice experimenters is the incorrect selection of the temperature regime. Many people confuse the purpose of ablution and fill the bath with hot water. Do not forget that you did not come to take a steam bath, but to make love. Excited genitals are extremely sensitive to boiling water. The optimal temperature is considered to be up to 50 degrees, and it is better to limit it to a mark just above room temperature. In order not to freeze, it is enough to warm up the room in advance.

2. Don’t pour too much water

Archimedes’ postulate, linking the volume of a body immersed in a liquid, with the volume of the displaced liquid has not yet been canceled. You do not need to fill the bath to the brim, otherwise, instead of erotic experiments, you will face a scandal with flooded neighbors from below. It is better to leave a supply and add water later than to scoop up the excess from the floor. Please note that active body movements lead to the formation of waves on the surface, which risk splashing out beyond the container.

3. Choose the right makeup

The last thing you need to do is fight irritation in the bikini area. Choose your bathroom products carefully. Foam, soap, gel must be hypoallergenic. It is advisable that the label “Recommended by cosmetologists for intimate hygiene” appears on the label.

If using lubricants , purchase silicone-based formulations. They practically do not wash out and provide a smooth glide throughout the entire intercourse.

4. Stock up on essential oils

It has long been noticed that certain scents can trick our brains and have a positive effect on libido. So scientists from Chicago found out that lily of the valley fleur makes a partner more attractive. Surprisingly, this May flower even increases sperm activity and allows you to prolong sexual intercourse. Smell A. Andreenkov recommends using essential oils of lavender, lemon, thyme, yarrow, musk, rose. American scientist Allan Hirsch states that almost all men subconsciously like the scent of grapefruit. Do not neglect the work of specialists and boldly fumigate the bath before sex.  


5. Arrange the candles

A romantic interior would not be complete without beautiful lighted candles placed in all corners of the room. The soft twilight will hide extra folds and minor skin imperfections from the eyes of your beloved, and will also set you in a suitable mood. Subjective complexes often prevent you from reaching orgasm. Reception of dim lighting is trivial, but it works at all 1000%. You shouldn’t run candles in water, you don’t want to accidentally lose your hair or get third-degree burns. Remember, safety comes first.  


6. Turn on the music

You can complement the vanilla atmosphere with a soundtrack that suits the situation. If you are planning to arrange a 9 shaft, then choose livelier music, if you want to have leisurely sex, turn on the lounge or the blues. Thanks to the accompaniment, the evening will definitely be remembered for a long time.

7. Don’t Forget Foreplay

You have taken care of the props and decorations, it’s time to move on to the main goal of the previous events. Take your time to board your partner. Despite the romance and euphoria of what is happening, the foreplay must be included in the gameplay. Accompany kisses and strokes with affectionate words. Compliment your significant other. Place your palms on top of his hands and control his movements.

8. Get a massage

If I had my way, I would start every sexual intercourse with an erotic massage. In this cruel world, so much stress awaits us that without quality relaxation it is difficult to achieve orgasm. Rub each other’s feet, knead stiff shoulders, gently put the vertebrae in place. Run your marigolds along the inside of the reed. Only then switch your attention to erogenous zones – breasts, nipples, lower abdomen, buttocks, genitals. 

9. Choose the right pose

In order not to accidentally injure yourself, you need to find the perfect position for docking. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the volume of water, the length and width of the container. My favorite options are a woman on top facing her partner or a woman on top with her back to a man with support on her feet. You can read more about sex positions in the bathroom here. 

10. Use sex toys

Some sex toys are intended to be used in water. In a purely friendly way, I recommend using a vacuum clitoris stimulator (by the way, it can also be used to massage the scrotum and / or nipples). The mechanism is placed in a moisture-proof case, which negates the possibility of a short circuit of an electrical element. The unit is non-contact. It does not need to be pressed against the erogenous zone. A large number of modes allows you to select the optimal impact strength. Working out with a vacuum eliminates addiction and the need to increase the intensity of stimulation.  

11. Rub each other with towels

After the bath procedures, I suggest that you thoroughly grind your beloved with a terry towel. Hot skin will graciously accept additional, slightly harsh caresses. This will prepare you for the second round.

12. Move the ending to the bedroom

Sex doesn’t have to end in the bathroom. Treat wet joys as an aperitif before the final act of your theatrical production. Bring the main event to your bedroom or perhaps your kitchen table.

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