5 entertaining sex practices

When you first start dating a partner, intense sex and thrills are guaranteed to you. It’s another matter if your relationship is already several years old. Sex becomes boring, it becomes predictable, insipid and uninteresting. Many people put up with this state of affairs, but the most enterprising do not: they are looking for and trying something new, unusual, experimenting and tasting various sensations with a trusted and reliable partner, with a person they trust. What can be so extraordinary to dilute the annoying sex?

1. Voyeurism

This sexual technique involves spying on an intimate process. Do not be afraid that this is something immoral and shameful. It is quite normal to get excited from the contemplation of sexual intercourse, erotic actions. Men are all visualists . Try and bring some pepper into your relationship. Ask your partner to allegedly spy on you in the shower, whether you have sex in front of the mirror, or make a home video.

2. Foot fetish

The love of men for female legs has long been known and understood. Foot fetish is based precisely on this passion, only in a slightly different manifestation. Sexual technique involves the contact of a woman’s feet with a man’s genitals. If for you such a manifestation of sexuality is too radical, try the ” light ” form . For example, let your partner watch how you stroke your feet, put on or take off your stockings and shoes. Let him massage your feet, caress them orally.

3. Spanking

Slaps on the buttocks are readily used in their sexual contacts by many couples. Especially it turns on men. The sound of a palm touching the soft part of a woman’s body is able to excite and excite the male consciousness in a matter of seconds, which makes their orgasms brighter and stronger. The main thing in this technique is not to overdo it, otherwise, this is a completely different story.

4. Food play

This is not to say that this is a new technique in sex. If you have tried to include varieties of food in intimate games before – syrups, cream, ice cream, chocolate – this was a manifestation of food play . You can and should play with food if it makes your foreplay tasty and savory. The only thing is, do not get carried away in a fit of passion and do not shove food where it does not belong. Also, this technique requires wet wipes on hand, sheets that you don’t mind getting dirty, and an accessible shower. 

5. Abuse

A lot of people in bed get dirty words and rude expressions. Talk to your partner. If both of you are interested, why not give it a try? What if this will help to rip off the masks of decency and let the “vulgar lieutenant” and “crazy empress” escape?
The beauty of sexual experiments with a regular partner is obvious – you know each other well enough, trust and are confident that any experiment, no matter how successful it may be, will remain only within the walls of your bedroom. This gives freedom of thought and unties your hands for new experiences on the stage of your intimate life.

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