5 sexual fantasies of men

Not everything that we dream of is translatable into reality. Some erotic dreams remain at an imaginary level, but there are quite real scenarios and practices that excite the blood of men. Not everyone can admit this to a woman, so as not to scare her away and not seem like a pervert, but if the partner is ready for experiments, then one of these fantasies will make any of them very happy.

1. Animal

Men often dream of sex without ceremony, companionship, foreplay or courtship. Just came-saw-took possession. This closeness to the natural instinct of animals impresses with its honesty and straightforwardness. Only sex and no social tinsel imposed by social opinion. Why not? Among women, there are also many lovers of unceremonious sex. The main thing is that the temperaments and preferences of the partners coincide, and then there is every chance of a sexual idyll in bed.

2. Extreme

Men dream of transferring bed scenes to crowded places: office, park, cafe, staircase, etc. The danger of being caught at the most intimate moment, sex on the verge of risk – all this tests the male self for strength and flatters his alpha male ambitions. He seems to put his lust above social conventions and takes his own, despite the opinions and disapproval of others. Such a scenario is charged with adrenaline and a drive of emotions, which is incredibly important for a man.

3. Anal

As a rule, women avoid anal sex, which makes it even more attractive to men. They pursue a very real benefit – more vivid physical sensations due to the anatomical features of the anal muscles. Another aspect is the feeling of exclusivity in front of many others who have been denied anal sex before. Power over your partner in such moments also fuels passion. If anal sex is so difficult to achieve, then having received what he wants, the man revels in himself. Having decided on such an experiment, you should carefully prepare for it: gradually stretch the muscle and use a lubricant . 

4. Immobilization

The desire to be tied or, on the contrary, to tie a partner is a direct manifestation of domination and submission. Here you cannot do without bondage elements – handcuffs, ropes, scarves, belts. There is something exciting about limiting movement. Sexologist H. Ellis expressed a theory that what restrains muscle and emotional activity is a catalyst for sexual arousal. When a person is deprived of the opportunity to perform actions, his feelings and reactions are automatically exacerbated. 

5. Threesome

Classics of the genre. A rare man does not think of himself as a sexual benefactor who simultaneously makes several partners happy. Moreover, in this fantasy there is no place for female competition and jealousy – everyone is happy and contented, the ladies caress each other, and the man satisfies everyone in turn, like a sexy superhero.
Sexual fantasies are a natural manifestation of human desires, needs and inclinations. An outlet for such emotions must be given without fail. But if your partner’s fantasies scare you, talk them over to him. Sometimes the verbalization of an erotic script is enough for a man to receive satisfaction and emotional relief. If this does not solve the problem, try to offer your own instead of the male fantasy. What if he likes it more?

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