7 best moments for sex

Sex is a very rewarding activity. He makes our life rich, pleasant and bright. It is also very beneficial for your health. It is believed that having sex increases immunity. But not many people know that there are times when you can get the most out of having sex.

Best moments for sex

On the eve of an important event

Are you afraid of the excitement before the presentation, the submission of the quarterly report, public speaking? Don’t rush to drink sedatives. On the eve of such an important event, spend an evening with a pleasant activity with your significant other. After that, get a good night’s sleep and rest. Sex is better than any medication to help you relieve stress and calm you down.

Morning sex

If you want to recharge with good mood and energy for the whole day, then sex in the morning is just for you. During this time, the body releases the hormone of tenderness and affection, which is responsible for feeling close to your partner. Improves mood and endorphins that occur after orgasm.


If you begin to feel that you will not get sick tomorrow so tomorrow, seek help from your loved one. Having sex has a positive effect on your immune system. You should not ignore such a simple effective method of dealing with colds. However, do not force yourself to do this if the symptoms of discomfort are lingering in nature, and intimacy does not appeal to you at all.

A special day

On the fourteenth day of the cycle, blood flows into the clitoris, this contributes to its increase in size by 20% and an increase in sensitivity. Therefore, it is on this day that you have a chance to experience a particularly vivid orgasm. But do not forget about ovulation, which also begins at this time. Therefore, if you do not want to avoid unwanted pregnancy, take care of contraception.

After the gym

A visit to the gym helps to increase the general tone of the body, a surge of strength, energy and improve mood due to the production of testosterone. After sports, a playful mood appears, and it is at this moment that your body is disposed to intimacy. Listen to the needs of your body and do not deny yourself a pleasant pastime.

After work

After a hard day at work, are you in a bad mood and have an irresistible desire to drink a couple of cocktails? Forget it. Hurry home to your loved one. His hugs, caresses and intimacy are much better at helping you deal with stress than alcohol.


Did you watch a horror movie or visit an extreme park, or maybe you had a dangerous adventure today? Now you are shaking and unable to pull yourself together? It’s time to have sex. Put your energy back on track so you can enjoy a restful infant sleep.
For many people, intimacy is associated only with night time. But scientists have already proven that human sexual activity occurs at least three times a day. And only you can decide when, where and under what circumstances to please yourself with such a pleasant pastime.  

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