Sex in life and in movies: 5 inconsistencies

Misconceptions about sex are the merit of implausible films, where erotic scenes are highly embellished and far-fetched. Trying to repeat this in real life, many are disappointed and earn complexes. To avoid these fiascoes, it is important to understand that there is a significant difference between sex in movies and in reality. What are the main inconsistencies between screen eroticism and reality?

1. undressing

Bed scenes in the cinema are devoid of the awkwardness associated with the clothes of lovers: no one gets confused in the trousers, no one gets a hook on the bra, and most importantly, all clothes slide smoothly and neatly fold on the floor by themselves. And no one has ever shown where lovers hide their socks and panties before falling into each other’s arms.

2. Lingerie

The constant readiness of movie characters for intercourse is striking. And even if they were on the road all day, hiding from explosions, lying in trenches and running around dirty warehouses – at the time of sex, both were in full “combat” readiness. The underwear is perfectly beautiful and clean, the armpits, bikini and legs are shaved, and the hair looks like after a salon. Is it real?

3. Orgasm

I want to throw a slipper on the TV when barely familiar lovers, at the moment of their first intercourse, simultaneously reach orgasm under synchronized groans and screams. Here for months you meet with a person, and it is difficult to achieve an orgasm, not to mention a synchronous one. And in the movies it’s easy! Moreover, always and everywhere.

4. No household stuff

On-screen lovers are rarely burdened with collateral factors. They are never afraid that children or neighbors will hear them, they are never disturbed by pets or a dripping tap, women never have periods, and men always get up – and not otherwise!

5. Craftsmanship

It seems that all the love couples in the cinema have taken some kind of courses in sexual skills. He always does great Cooney , bringing his partner to ecstasy from a half turn, and she is perfect in all positions and angles, and is always ready to cum. And there are no uncomfortable positions for them, insufficient stretching or other earthly factors that make sex imperfect.
Love scenes are, of course, an integral part of films about love, but you should not take on faith everything that is shown to us from TV screens. Remember, life doesn’t have multiple takes, better angles, exposed lights, and ideal conditions. We are ordinary people, not movie heroes, and nothing human is alien to us. Enjoy real sensations and live a real life, not the life of movie heroes.

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