5 ways to make sex hotter

All relationships, sooner or later, become boring and lose the acuity of sensations. Someone is looking for variety in the arms of new boyfriends, and someone knows how to warm up passion without betrayal, with a constant partner. There are several ways to bring paint back to your intimate palette. 

1. Taboo

One way to bring something new to your sex life is to remove some of the inhibitions that have been in place before. If sex has become insipid and boring, it’s time to step back from the usual taboos and let something forbidden into your relationship. For example, agree to oral sex, intimate massage, anal sex, dressing up, fetish.

2. Lingerie

Sexy lingerie greatly increases the degree of lust. Do not neglect the opportunity to buy yourself or your partner a new piece of intimate wardrobe and arrange a demonstration in the bedroom. This option turns on both a woman and a man, so mutual pleasure from a fashion show in a negligee is guaranteed to you.

3. Playful mood

Arrange a spring cleaning in a sexy outfit before the second half, perform an incendiary dance to a song on the radio, try on an unusual image to awaken your partner’s fantasy and arouse desire in yourself. Play together a scene based on an erotic scenario and end your games in bed with violent sex.

4. Food

Regular foods can be a useful addition to bedding. If you dream well, you can arrange a completely romantic evening with strawberries and cream, a bath with champagne and ice cream on the body of your beloved. Sex tastes very sweet, and in this case, these are very real associations.

5. Home video

By the way, porn movies are not such a bad idea. Watching adult movies together is, of course, exciting, but making your own movie is much more interesting! Try filming your sex on a camera or phone and then reviewing it with your partner. Believe me, this movie will not leave you indifferent. It can be turned on every time you want to warm up the degree of excitement or return your thoughts to pleasant moments.
If your sex life has become gray and monotonous, this does not mean that love is over. It might just be time to spice up your relationship. Don’t look for a new muse, but rather look for new sensations with your partner. Look for ways to diversify your intimacy, communicate on this topic with your beloved, try new or well-forgotten old – the main thing is that both of you feel good about it.

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