12 best female vibrators of 2017

What are the best vibrators for women sold the most in 2017? Of course, the ones that received the most positive reviews. We have collected 12 of the most interesting female sex toys from the popular sex shop in our review. These are unique things that give the most “delicious” orgasms.  

1. Satisfyer Pro 2 – guaranteed orgasms 

The best non-contact stimulator is the Satisfyer Pro 2. It was chosen not only for its unique functions, but also for its affordable price. This is a magical device that guarantees the first orgasm within 3 minutes. It acts on the clitoris in waves, even involving areas that are located deep in the body. And the sensations of use are not like the emotions of vibration, they are more intense and more enjoyable. And it also works at 11 different speeds, is not afraid of immersion under water and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. This is the best vibrator for both masturbation and couples. And it is also a godsend for women who have never reached the peak of sexual pleasure before, everything will happen to him.

2. Lovense LUSH is the best vibrator for wearing and virtual 

The best selling vibrator of 2017 is Lovense Lush. This is a small pink ball that has a huge number of possibilities. It is controlled from a smartphone, and can work in modes that its owner will come up with, and there are an unlimited number of them. It is wearable and can be immersed in the body and walked with during the day. It will turn on imperceptibly in any circumstances, and it will vibrate silently. And you can also trust your partner to control the best vibrator by connecting two smartphones and a toy using the application and the Internet. Lovense Lush has a very powerful motor inside . It is water resistant, easy to recharge and takes up very little space. Lush was chosen by thousands of women, because it combines all the best technologies and the wishes of users.

3. Miss Bi – anatomically shaped female vibrator

Simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris is the ability to very quickly reach orgasm. And every year hundreds of vibrators are created for such an impact. But the best female vibrator for two areas is Miss Bi , it has an anatomical shape and also stimulates the perineum and the entrance to the vagina. German quality, two powerful motors, velvety silicone body – these are important advantages. And there is also a loop at the base so that the female vibrator does not slip out even from wet hands. And by the way, you can use it in the bathroom. And you can choose from several bright colors. It is not the cheapest model, but the brand of the German manufacturer Fun Factory speaks of durability and reliability.

4. Gvibe 2 – a vibrator for caressing any area

Three motors in one sex toy is a super opportunity to enjoy new facets of pleasure. Gvibe 2 is the best new generation vibrator that is suitable for caressing any place. Two petals can be immersed in one or two holes. But the main thing is that the vibrator can work up to 4 hours continuously, which is a record among all other models. The unusual shape is very comfortable to use, even the stimulation of the clitoris with the Gvibe 2 is quite interesting. And such a thing will not make a man jealous, because a sex toy is completely different from a penis. Flexible, rechargeable, waterproof and easy to operate, the Gvibe 2 is worth buying for those who love new and different things.

5. Le Wand is a super massager not only for sex

The massager is the best vibrator for women and men. Since it was created not only for sex, but also to relax muscles, relieve tension. And this thing will be appropriate even in a house where there are curious children. They will not guess that the item is suitable for intimate caresses. Le Wand is one of the best massagers in the modern world. First, it is rechargeable. Secondly, it works in 20 modes, each at 10 speeds. There is a special attachment for intimate massage. The usual shape is suitable for the neck, legs and lower back. This is not a toy, but a full-fledged medical device that will be useful after a hard day’s work and training. The main advantage of the model is its excellent quality. The price is average, but the pleasure of using it is worth it.

6. Gaga – best vibrator with a camera

The camcorder vibrator is Gaga by Svakom . This is the first sex toy that allows you to shoot video inside the body. In this case, the vibrator is equipped with a backlight so that all movements are visible. After use, you can view the recording, save it to a separate medium, and then shoot again and again. At the same time, the sex toy also vibrates, 7 modes give a very strong arousal. How to use the best vibrator is described in the detailed instructions. And another feature of the model is the work for more than 6 hours without interruption. A full charge will take only 1.5 hours. Gaga by Svakom is a new intimate fun that helps diversify the lives of courageous people.

7. Tickling Truman – vibration muscle stimulator

The best electrostimulated vibrator is the Tickling Truman , and it has been in this place for years. It’s just that this model not only knows how to vibrate, but is also capable of myostimulation. This is the effect of an electric current on the erogenous zones, which causes a very strong arousal. And it’s safe, but very enjoyable. The amperage can be varied, so touching can feel like tickling, tingling, or light bumps. And they can be combined with vibration available in 8 different speeds. It is the perfect sex toy for experiment lovers. And there is also a special regimen for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, which means that it will also replace vaginal balls and help improve women’s health. At the same time, the cost of the best female vibrator is very affordable. But it must not be immersed in water!

8. We- Vibe Sync – sex toy for couples

The best vibrator for couples from We- Vibe is Sync . This is the latest model created by a well-known company. In its development, the wishes of users of earlier models were taken into account, and today it is a really convenient thing that enhances the sensations of familiar sex. We- Vibe Sync fits easily between partners’ bodies without interfering with penetration. This stimulates the most sensitive erogenous zones on the body of both partners. Control is possible from a remote control or from a smartphone. When using the application, you can independently come up with hundreds of operating modes, which is exciting and enjoyable. Works up to 90 minutes without interruption, easy to recharge. The top of the vibrator for couples is covered with delicate silicone, has no taste or smell.

9. The Ora 2 – master of cunnilingus

Many women like imitation of oral sex, and sometimes the effect is much more interesting than with a living person. Ora 2 is a small ball under delicate silicone that moves, giving bliss. By touching the device to the clitoris, you can feel pleasant movements that are similar to cunnilingus. In this case, you can adjust the intensity, the strength of the impact, which leads to mind-blowing orgasms. Over 70% of users said Ora 2 was superior to the experience with a man. This is the best premium female vibrator. This expensive model is packed in a stylish box. It is the perfect gift for a loved one.

10. Hiky – two vibrators in one

Hiky is a sex toy that combines several functions. The female vibrator is the best because it can replace a non-contact stimulator and a submersible toy. One part is created for the clitoris and massages it in waves, the other vibrates in different modes. Minus — You cannot use both functions at the same time. But even one by one it will turn out to enjoy the mass of experiences. Hiky is very stylish, pleasant to the touch. It is rechargeable, waterproof and also suitable for frequent use. Choosing Hiky , you can save money, because such a thing is more functional than other models. There are 3 different colors to choose from.

11. Svakom Cookie – gentle octopus for the clitoris

The Svakom Cookie small clitoral vibrator is a godsend for women who love clitoral orgasms. It is so gentle and pleasant to the touch that you want to hold it in your hands. And special processes, similar to the legs of an octopus, touch the body so gently that masturbation turns into bliss. They seem to hug the clitoris from all sides, making the touch magical. And although it works with only three speeds, the sensations are very pleasant. You can take it with you to the bathroom, just hide it in your purse, and it will be difficult for a casual witness to guess the purpose. At the same time, the best vibrator from Svakom is not expensive. It is rechargeable and can work for more than an hour without interruption. It is less than 10 cm long, fits easily in the palm of your hand, and weighs less than a smartphone.

12. We- Vibe Bloom – trainer for results and pleasure

Vibrating vaginal balls are not really a vibrator, first of all, it is a pelvic floor muscle trainer. They are designed for exercise, which prevents dozens of women’s diseases, and also helps to increase the sensitivity of the body. At the same time, you can change the weight of the device, gradually complicating the activities. But Bloom from We- Vibe can also vibrate in 10 modes, so when you touch the erogenous zones, it will cause strong arousal. It can be worn inside to train anywhere. It easily syncs with your smartphone, so you can turn on the drive mode anywhere. This means that you will be able to experience an orgasm even at work or for a walk. Combining a simulator and a vibrator in one model is an opportunity not to overpay.

There are more than 12 best female vibrators, but it’s impossible to tell about all of them. We presented the brightest models. They help you to enjoy yourself and with your partner. But orgasms are guaranteed by non-contact stimulators, we have already talked about the best models here. 

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