5 things that can ruin sex

If recently you have been feeling awkward and dissatisfied in bed with your beloved man, you should listen to the opinion of sexologists. Perhaps there are good reasons that intimacy has lost the sharpness and freshness of feelings. Any problems can be dealt with. The main thing is to identify them in time and take action.

1. You endure pain 

There are many reasons for painful intercourse. Doctors, psychologists and other specialists will help you understand this issue if you ask them for help. However, the simplest and most important thing is to inform your partner about unpleasant sensations and stop all the manipulations that provoke them.

2. You are not engaged in self-knowledge 

Of course, at first, when a man and a woman are just beginning to get to know each other, sex is very enchanting and emotional. But after a certain time, the process becomes predictable: the partner knows where to stroke, where to kiss, so that you experience an orgasm, and intimacy becomes like a mechanical process. Try to push the boundaries and add something new to sex. Engage in self-massage or masturbation, play with the sensations through intimate devices. This will allow you to wake up erogenous zones that you never knew existed.

3. You enter into intimacy when you do not want it 

Every person has difficult days in their lives. Sick, tired at work, bad mood and many other reasons that do not dispose to intimacy. Don’t mock yourself. The popular saying “appetite comes with eating” in this case will work against you. No matter how hard your partner tries, no matter what he does, the chances that you will be able to get your portion of satisfaction are negligible. In this case, the only way out is to admit both to yourself and to him in a negative mood and postpone carnal pleasures until a more favorable moment. 

4. You think too much 

The female brain has an amazing ability to multitask. That is why the fair half can be engaged in any business, at the same time pondering the accumulated problems, and experiencing unimaginable emotions that are not associated with either the first or the second occupation. Sexual intercourse is no exception. If you catch yourself that during sex your head is full of thoughts about everyday problems, you need to stop. Try to get rid of all that is unnecessary and focus on your partner and his actions. This will allow you to perceive his caresses and your body in a new way, to understand what you like and what not.

5. You don’t talk to your partner about sex. 

Is it not customary for you to discuss the topic of sex? In vain. You are adults and should understand that not all men are alpha males or telepathic. If there are problems or something does not suit you, do not be silent! Otherwise, your sex will be an unpleasant experience every time. Cast aside your bashfulness and challenge the chosen one for a frank conversation.
Perhaps you have been making such mistakes by inertia for a long time, but do not attach any importance to them, letting everything go by itself. If healthy sex is a priority for you, analyze your behavior and correct the situation.

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