5 ways to improve potency

A terrible dream for any man when his intimate desires do not coincide with sexual capabilities. We, women, are not familiar with such difficulties, but if you respect, appreciate and love your partner, you will understand how important it is for him. If there is a trusting relationship between you, then try to help your man with practical advice on how to improve an erection and be confident in your abilities always.

1. Cardio load 

For an erection to be constant and healthy, you need to take care of your health. An important role in sexual function is played by the state of the cardiovascular system. The quality of blood circulation is directly related to potency: testosterone levels, and genital health. Cardio is useful for erectile dysfunction and as a preventive measure. Advise your partner to devote at least half an hour a day to physical activity: swimming, walking, exercise equipment.

2. Relax 

The worst enemy of potency is stress. Psychological stress affects not only the emotional state, but also the physical, and therefore look for ways to get rid of negative experiences. This can be boxing, psychotherapy sessions, or just pleasant heart-to-heart communication with loved ones.

3. Nutrition 

There are indispensable helpers for male potency that are available in grocery stores or in vegetable markets. Experts recommend adding hot peppers, bananas, garlic and onions to your partner’s diet. These foods stimulate blood circulation, normalize blood pressure and increase libido. 

4. Coffee 

Scientists in Texas share an interesting observation. It turns out that opponents of coffee suffer from erectile dysfunction much more often than those who consume this drink three cups a day. Caffeine has an effect on the male reproductive system, similar to Viagra. The reason is vasodilation and improved blood flow.

5. Light 

It’s easier for us to fall asleep when the lights are off, thanks to the production of melatonin. It calms the nervous system and at the same time has a suppressive effect on the libido of men. This is another reason to have sex in bright light.
Sexual capabilities of men also depend on weight and a sufficient amount of B vitamins in the body. If your chosen one has problems in bed, try to approach them comprehensively, taking into account all the listed possibilities of improving potency.

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