7 barriers to female orgasm

Every woman dreams of finding her happiness in life, getting married, having a child and living with her chosen one to the grave. If the first two points are given without much difficulty, then certain difficulties arise with the third. Creating a new social unit, a woman completely dissolves in her family and forgets about herself and her needs, including sexual satisfaction. And it is this that is the cause of many hasty breaks. To avoid this, do not build barriers that prevent you from getting rid of negative emotions and getting the necessary pleasure.

1. Don’t put his sexual desires ahead of yours. 

Remember once and for all, playing with one goal never leads to anything good. You should not follow his lead and unquestioningly fulfill all the whims, without getting anything in return. After all, intimacy implies the pleasure of both partners, and for this, mutual is a necessary condition.

2. Do not deceive your chosen one 

How often do you share your feelings with your chosen one? Remember, men are not telepathic and cannot predict thoughts. Especially if you constantly pretend that everything suits you. Stop doing this. It is better to honestly confess and tell about your comments, claims and wishes, and then try to find a solution to the problem that has arisen together.

3. Don’t settle for what you don’t like 

He is attracted to anal sex, but you are not. But you allowed him to do it, which means you will continue to allow it. However, it cannot go on that long. Before deciding on an experiment, stipulate all the nuances in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

4. Don’t have sex with a new man you know nothing about. 

Have you found yourself a new man? However, be careful. You should not rush to invite him to your bed without making sure that this person is healthy. Otherwise, take care of protective equipment and do not neglect going to the doctor.

5. Don’t be silent if you don’t like something during sex 

If during intimacy you feel discomfort, some actions of your partner deliver painful sensations, you should not endure silently. Until you lose interest in your chosen one, talk to him and try to find solutions to the problem that has arisen .

6. Do not complete if you are not perfect 

It is clear that any woman wants to look perfect in front of her beloved man. However, believe me, you shouldn’t be too critical of yourself. There is nothing wrong with the fact that your partner will see a slight unshaven of the body or start intimate games when you are in your home lingerie. If a machine called “sexual pleasure” starts moving, it is very foolish to stop it for beauty treatments.

7. Feel free to tell him about your period. 

Do not think that the male half of humanity is deprived of brains and does not know that every month for several days women take time out from sexual pleasures. Do not add gray hair to their heads, referring to poor health. It’s easier to tell the truth.
Now you understand that all your fears are contrived. Men are people too, and everything earthly is not alien to them. If enough time has passed since your acquaintance, you lead a joint life and bring up common children, then believe me, extra pounds and imperfectly smooth skin will not become a stumbling block for intimacy.

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