12 passionate positions for seated sex

Most often, people have sex lying down, but if you use the same postures every time, then intimate life will become boring and insipid. Add variety to love games by experimenting with seated sex positions.

Why are seated sex positions good? Their advantages are countless, but the tip of the iceberg is in the merits of such positions …

– they give more space for maneuvers, in them the partners’ hands are usually free (which allows you to caress each other’s bodies)

– as a rule, both partners can set the speed and depth of penetration;

– sitting postures relieve the load from the body, in contrast to lying positions, where one of the partners pushes all the weight on the other partner;

– they increase the stimulation of the erogenous zones, helping the woman to experience an orgasm. 

Well, let’s explore the types of such positions.

1. Crab The
man sits on the bed, slightly spreading his hips and stretching his legs straight. The woman sits on top of him, and then leans back a little, transferring her weight to her hands. Any of the partners can dominate. It is convenient for a girl to move from side to side in this position, and a guy can set the pace by holding his girlfriend with his hands on the hips and directing her movements.

2. Lotus
Ideal sex position for couples in love. The man sits down in a pose in Turkish, the girl settles down on top of him, hugging her beloved by the shoulders for balance. The pose guarantees close contact (both physical and emotional), in which you can hug, kiss and whisper something pleasant to each other. 

3. Sloth A
comfortable position for those who like to have sex on the couch. In this case, the woman dominates, while the man can sit back and enjoy the process. For a closer penetration, we advise women to bring their hips together. 

4. Iron throne
And in this version the man will have to sweat. In general, the pose is similar to the previous one, but there are nuances. Here the woman’s movements are limited. The partner will guide her with his own hands. The pose will be appreciated by those who have the buttocks – an erogenous zone, as the man squeezes them, raising and lowering his girlfriend.

5. Lap dance The
man sits down on the bed, pulls his torso back, leans on his arms and spreads his legs slightly. The woman sits with her back to her partner, legs tucked in. It is better to start sex with an erotic lap dance. Wriggle, show the class in twerk – surprise your loved one with unusual movements.

6. Horsewoman A
classic of the genre for fans of poses in the style of “Girl on top”. In this case, only the woman is sitting, while the man lies comfortably on the bed with his legs stretched out. The great advantage of the pose is that the hands of both partners are free, so that you can caress each other’s bodies, stimulating the erogenous zones. 

7. Tigress
Those who seek the deepest possible penetration should look at positions with legs wide apart. In this case, the squatting position allows the penis to penetrate deeply into the woman’s body also thanks to gravity, because the partner sits down on the man with all her weight.

8. Rider with an inclination.
Advantages of the position: deep penetration, stimulation of the clitoris (he rubs against the man’s pubis), the ability for a woman to set a rhythm, exciting views of each other’s bodies. This is one of the sex positions in which women most often experience clitoral orgasms during vaginal sex.

9. Lady’s saddle
The “Rider” pose is reminiscent of the old days when young ladies had to ride in uncomfortable dresses, from which they had to sit in a special lady’s saddle with both legs dangling from one side of the horse. In this case, sex can be uncomfortable if the man has a large dignity. The pose is more suitable for sex with a man who has a small penis.

10. Jumping A
lovely position for a powerful orgasm. Pros for a woman: you can control the speed and depth of penetration, there is stimulation of the clitoris, abdomen and chest, a man can caress his girlfriend’s buttocks and back. The pros for a man are the unusual angle of penetration and the opportunity to relax and enjoy the feminine domination of the bedroom.

11. Elephant
If you are looking for sex positions for couples with a large difference in height, then carefully study this option. The position is suitable if the girl weighs little, and the guy is stronger and larger than his girlfriend. We do not recommend using the position for those who suffer from back pain. Remember about weight distribution – a woman should evenly keep her weight on the man’s body. You can lean your buttocks on your hips, wrap your legs around your waist, holding on to your shoulders. You can’t hold on to his neck. 

12. Sitting on the face A
piquant position for lovers of oral sex. Men often complain that they get tired of pleasing a lady orally. It is not uncommon for women to reach orgasm longer than their partners, so the cuggillingus can drag on. Staying in a twisted position between your partner’s legs for a long time is not an easy task with a load on the joints, spine and almost all muscles.

Is your loved one getting tired? Then invite him to lie comfortably on the bed and sit on top. Attention, you cannot sit down with all your weight. Maintain your body weight while kneeling over the man’s face. His tongue in this position will not move in the same way as in normal postures. A bright orgasm is guaranteed to you. Plus the position: the partner can caress the partner’s penis with her hands or go to the pose “69” for mutual oral sex .  

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