Sex with humor: 6 sex positions for conceiving talented children

Are you planning a quick addition to the family? Then we invite you to unwind and have some fun by studying comic sex positions that will help develop in the future baby a talent for various fields of activity. We have chosen for you spicy positions for conceiving an IT specialist, office manager, blogger, writer, yoga guru and creative person.

Every conscientious parent cares about the welfare of his child, thinking over the methods of upbringing in advance, choosing a kindergarten and saving money ahead of time for studying at the institute. We propose to go even further and predetermine the profession of the child at the stage of his conception. Well, those who are not yet in a hurry to become parents can simply have a fun evening, enriching their intimate life with pleasant sex positions.

1. Pose for conceiving an IT specialist
The sphere of information technology is one of the most profitable in the XXI century. The world is tied to technology and finding a job is not a problem for an IT specialist, which is why many dream of getting into the IT sphere. Do you want your child to grow up as a programmer? Then be sure to have sex in this position. Never be distracted by pleasure, arousal and orgasm. Think hard about deadlines, coding, and fixing bugs throughout the entire process. Replace the romantic soft light of candles or dancing fire in the fireplace with the dull flicker of the monitor. 

2. Pose for conceiving a top manager “You are lucky, you are not like everyone else. You work in the office-ee … “- the group” Leningrad “sang, describing office everyday life in the most terrible colors. Although many people laugh at the office “plankton”, you must admit that it is much easier to sit in a warm office than to work hard at a construction site. Corporate parties, social package , medical insurance … um, perfect and dust-free work. So, let’s get ready for the conception of the future head of a large firm. First, prepare the backdrop for foreplay and sex. Lay out important documents on the table, put on strict glasses. Now clear your mind and send a request to the Universe: “I don’t care if I have a boy or a girl. The main thing is that the child builds a successful career in the office. ” His life will be hectic and exciting every day from 9:00 to 18:00. To ensure that your child becomes an important leader and conquers the top management career ladder, ask your partner or partner to ask you questions for a successful interview. 


3. Pose for conceiving a blogger and an Instagram star
One of the most popular (and completely incomprehensible for the older generation) professions in the world is a blogger. Have you ever tried to explain to elderly parents what bloggers are doing, and most importantly, why they are paid money? The stars on Instagram or YouTube manage to make good money. And the coolest thing is that to achieve fame, success and money streams, you don’t have to finish school and wipe your pants at the institute for a diploma.

Do you want your child to become a popular blogger and make a profit just from short videos and advertising posts? The main thing is to choose a pose in which it is not necessary to look at your partner. You will have to look into your phone, checking the news feed, the number of subscribers and the number of likes you have received. And do not try to touch your partner, your hands should be occupied only with the phone!  

4. Pose for the Writer’s Conception
Many people read books during pregnancy, piously believing that the child will grow up educated, having heard enough clever works in the womb. Let’s raise the bar: we will read right at the time of conception so that the child becomes a famous writer. Which book should you choose? We definitely need a cult novel by some fashion writer. You can start with erotic novels. Here’s another idea for you: try out the 50 Shades of Gray sex positions while reading this erotic bestseller aloud along the way. 

5. Pose for conceiving a yoga guru
Wherever you look, yoga centers are opening up everywhere. Nowadays it is very fashionable to worry about stress, as if it is not an integral part of life. Have you seen how many views are gaining video tutorials on meditation? In this area, you can build a successful career. Of course, conceiving should be done in yoga-style sex positions. Choose a comfortable asana , turn on the meditation music and get down to business, chanting “Oh-mm-mm”.  

6. Pose for conceiving a creative (or acrobat)
So, sir, what professions are still in vogue? Oh, creatives! Amazing people who generate extraordinary ideas out of thin air. To conceive a creative baby, you need to go beyond the usual boundaries. Choose crazy and unusual sex positions for the most flexible. Stand on your head, juggle objects, be cocky and think outside the box. Even if the child does not become a creative person, he will have the beginnings of a talented acrobat. Jokes are jokes, and the choice of posture will not play a role in what your child will become. These humorous recommendations are intended only to enrich intimate life with new positions. Of course, the positions chosen will not shape the character of the child. First of all, upbringing plays out in the success of children in adulthood. Wise parents always develop the child’s talents and strive to help children in choosing a profession. 

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