10 sex positions to celebrate Halloween brightly

If you still have no plans for the upcoming Halloween, then the best way to spend your day is to have passionate sex with your partner. It’s time to fulfill your innermost sexual fantasies, put on original costumes and forget about your fears in bed. Let only your appearance remain creepy on this night. If you’ve never tried role-playing games, maybe now is the time. Skip the routine, forget about romantic sex for a moment, and take advantage of new sex tips. And we, as always, are happy to provide you with the most interesting selection of sex positions.     

 1. Spider
If you are looking for a position that not only gives pleasure, but also makes the whole body work, and also helps to burn the maximum number of calories, then the “spider” is exactly what you need! Both of you should sit on the bed so that your legs cross, your weight is distributed over your arms, and you can move forward and backward. In this position, you will work your arms, stomach, and buttocks. 

2. Witch on a Broomstick
This pose holds the key to the various variables that you can perform by playing with your own weight and by varying the intensity. Get creative and use your best effort and ingenuity to experience the strongest, most intense orgasm of your life.  

3. Begging for sweets Feel free to use sweets
in the course: use flavored grease, fruits, ice cream or jams. The bottom line is for your partner to find them on your body, and then lick, suck or eat. This pose can take your sensations to a new level of pleasure. 

4. Exorcist
This pose is for those who need to show their body strength and ingenuity. The man sits on a low comfortable surface, and the woman sits down on him, bends down as much as possible and puts her hands on her partner’s legs. You must push yourself so that you can go up and down at a speed that gives you maximum pleasure. A man can help a woman achieve a clitoral orgasm by rubbing the desired organ evenly.  

5. Monsters of Frankenstein
Maintaining balance and strength is the key to success and extreme pleasure in this position. You both have to work your leg muscles while standing upright. Raise your leg high and wrap it around your partner’s buttocks for better balance. 

6. The Phantom of Love
A man sits on a firm, stable surface in a toad-like pose, while you sit behind to control the situation. Concentrate on the movements you like the most, it’s time to achieve multiple orgasm while he rubs your clitoris with his free hand. 

7. Life or wallet It’s
time to try sex with bondage. You can also use mint or cinnamon for a more intense sensation. But first, discuss upcoming plans with your partner and ask what they would like to experiment with. Not everyone will be delighted with such a surprise. 

8. Passion in the cave
It’s time to blow up this night and give free rein to your animal instincts. Your partner should lift your buttocks slightly. You can simultaneously stimulate each other and observe the reaction. If you want to add fire to your cave, use scented candles.

9. Sorcerer’s Potion
Let your partner charm you with the magic of 90 degree sex in the classic missionary position. Sit in the pose of the “cauldron” in which the magician brews his mysterious potion.  

10. Enchanting bat.
Lie on your back with your legs apart and bend your knees. Your partner should bring his hands together, pressing his ring and middle fingers to his palms. After that, he should insert two fingers inside you, stimulating your clitoris with two thumbs. When they move like the wings of a bat, you will experience sensual orgasms, and your partner will benefit from contemplation.

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