10 reasons for anal sex

Many girls are afraid of anal sex until they lose consciousness, and guys are embarrassed at the mere mention of dark pleasures.

This topic has become overgrown with dozens of myths. The imaginary taboo gives it a supernatural flavor, making lovers secretly dream of taking a bite of the fruit of knowledge. I want to speak out in support of anal sex and give you 10 reasons that motivate you to experiment in bed. 

1. Novelty

I have rarely met couples who engage in anal every day, and believe me, I have a wide social circle. Even ardent fans of rough pleasures for several years of practice experience a sense of novelty. Each time a tight ring reacts differently to caress and stimulation. At first, both partners act timidly, and only after they cannot be stopped, extraordinary ideas and sensual games are used.

2. Peculiar sensations

When guys or girls try to prove to me that they do not see the difference between anal and vaginal sex and do not understand the charms of the dark side of passion, I smile sarcastically. You guys are clearly missing a lot of essential details.

Firstly, it is quite obvious that the priest is not writing, forgive the expression. Nerve endings are present in both organs, but they respond differently to stimulation. Secondly, the anus is much tighter than the vagina and wraps around the penis more tightly. Thirdly, the effect of rough caresses with a warm wave spreads over the entire surface of the pelvic organs, affecting the vagina and uterus.

3. Complete trust

To decide on experiments, it is extremely important for a girl to trust her partner, and a man needs to learn to understand his beloved half a minute . Experiences like this cement marriages together like a cement slurry that unites individual bricks into a coherent building. If the couple talked about the opportunity to engage in non-trivial coitus, then, rest assured, this union was made in heaven.

4. Variability

Due to its favorable location, the anus practically does not impose restrictions on the choice of positions for docking. In theory, all variations for standard sex are acceptable for anal intercourse. Unlike oral stimulation, partners will not have to contrive to reach the most tidbits, in the process they will not have neck numbness or back aches.

5. Cycle independence

If the girl has any gynecological problems or just simply started red calendar days is not a reason to refuse intimacy. Take a look at the situation from the other side in the truest sense of the word. For clarity, let’s take a common story – you have your period, and your boyfriend is languishing with desire.

The first exit is pretty one-sided – you can give him a blow job . The disadvantage is that he will enjoy it, but you will not. The second option is mutual petting , cons – achieving orgasm from stimulating the nipples or light touches to the clitoris through panties requires a lot of time and effort. And finally, you can have anal sex without removing the tampon. As the saying goes, the wolves are fed, and the sheep are safe, and everyone is happy.

6. Can be used as a method of contraception

Well, you forgot to buy condoms, well, with whom, in the end, does not happen. I personally am not too sure about the reliability of the technique of interrupted intercourse. The probability of unplanned conception in this case reaches 30%. Who can give you a guarantee that you will not become the third lucky one. Perhaps the logic “never mind, let’s get in the ass” sounds vulgar, but no one has yet become pregnant from classic anal sex.

7. Preservation of virginity

The most controversial and controversial point. But I take information not from my head, but from real life. I have a Muslim friend by religion. Her parents honor the Koran and believe that a girl should take care of herself for her husband. Naturally, unfaithful guys are a priori not accepted as contenders for Elmirochka’s hand . If after the first wedding night the fact of her “impurity” appears, then the consequences are difficult to imagine. Now she is 26 years old, and the worthy one has not shown up. Guess which way out for realizing her own sexuality did Elya choose?

8. Size doesn’t matter

This theory has long been perceived as an immutable truth. However, I can argue. Too small and too big a dick are equally bad. Scientists with miniature penises have proven that nerve endings at a maximum concentration of 1 square millimeter are concentrated around the entrance to the vagina and at a depth of 5 cm. Congratulations, guys with 6 centimeter pipettes can breathe freely. True, their mistresses will have to forget about the feeling of fullness, full-scale study of the walls and once again not screaming “deeper” in a fit of sensuality, so as not to hurt the tender feelings of their kids.

With huge dicks, the opposite problem arises. Untrained young ladies are not able to accept an aggregate more than 20 cm in length or 4.5 cm in diameter. It looks natural in porn, but sinful should not be confused with righteous. In the developed caves of professionals, you can send expeditions of speleologists.

The anal opening and rectum are democratic to any size. Here, the erogenous zones are at the very threshold, and there is no limiter in the form of the cervix, and you can stretch to a stunning diameter. If you want – sun deep, but no – dolby on the surface, in a word – grace!

9. Variety

From time to time in bed it is so boring that you lie and think: “I wonder, but there was always this stain on the ceiling or we are now being flooded by neighbors from above.” There is no need to be afraid, 70-80% of married people face this. Enough tolerating this! Ladies, let’s take a little interest in our partner puffing on our bodies. If all the traditional ways of dealing with satiety have exhausted themselves, it is time to set in motion a rearguard of decisive measures. Offer your spouse to have anal sex, and he will kiss your hands and feet.

10. Stunning orgasm

For some reason, when people hear that a heterosexual couple is having anal sex, they imagine the girl as a passive partner. Let me tell you a secret – men also have anuses. Stimulation of the prostate with a strap-on , special vibrators or toys will lift your boyfriend to such heights of bliss that he never dreamed of even in the hottest dreams. The prostate gland is similar to the G-spot in terms of sensitivity to affection, and we have already written about its features . 

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