Prudish nonsense, or 10 myths about anal sex

As with any erotic activity that goes beyond the missionary position, there are countless host of legends hovering around anal sex.

Before understanding deep hole drilling techniques, you need to get rid of the last vestiges of prejudice. So, in the right corner of the ring – common stories, and in the left – objective reality. The gong sounds, the opponents come together in a serious battle.

1. I will get pregnant

The blow of myths in red shorts stunned people who were at least superficially familiar with anatomy and physiology. To conceive a child, sperm must enter the vagina. If you were born on planet Earth and consider yourself to be a Homo sapiens species , then, I dare to assure, the structure of your organs does not differ from common human ones, you do not have a channel connecting the intestines and the uterus. I have no information about representatives of other intelligent (and not so) civilizations.

2. If I want it I am immoral

Oh, how tired I am of fighting morality! Understand, my dear readers and readers, that your marital bed is neutral waters. Not a single state or church has the right to claim it. Everything that happens between spouses by mutual agreement is their own business. Freedom makes a person happy, if in everyday life we ​​are limited by the framework of decency, then when we cross the threshold of the bedroom, they disappear. Mutual understanding, support and the absence of stereotypes are the key to harmonious relationships.

 3. The anus is not for pleasure.

According to the Puritans, the vagina is not meant for pleasure either. We would follow their precepts – until now we would have fucked in one position without taking off our nightgowns. People set themselves “insurmountable” barriers on their own. Every centimeter of our body can become a powerful erogenous zone, be it an earlobe or anus.

4. I will have hemorrhoids or worse

Technically, during anal sex, injury is possible. However, let’s face it, in the course of standard coitus, couples are also not immune from annoying failures that lead to a hospital bed. Hemorrhoids, ruptures, sphincter sprains and fecal incontinence are possible only in the case of excessive experimentation. Nobody forces you to shove bottles of champagne, rugby balls and other bulky objects in your ass. 

5. I will get AIDS

The legend originated in the distant 80s of the last century, when doctors first diagnosed HIV. The virus is transmitted sexually and through blood transfusions. The term “sexual intercourse” implies all types of intimacy, including oral (if there are open wounds in the oral cavity) and even petting (again, microcracks and sperm trapped in them will thus become a fatal risk). Any intimate contact with an infected person must be done using a condom. Having anal sex with a healthy partner will not lead to AIDS.

6. My husband is a latent homosexual, if he offers it

Lovely, beautiful girls, are you really so insecure about your own attractiveness? Your man falls asleep and wakes up next to you, perhaps raising your common children. What other proof of his heterosexuality is needed? About 25 years ago, they really were imprisoned for sodomy, but today the issue was reconsidered. Would he love to “fence with penises” – would meet with guys whose soul is blue heavenly firmament.

 7. It will hurt me

An ambiguous statement. It all depends on your psychological insistence and a responsible approach to business. When a partner is experiencing animal fear, each touch will be perceived as a knife blow. In the case of anal stimulation in a panic attack, the ring instinctively compresses, making it difficult for the penis to pass, which can cause discomfort for both lovers. You should not ram your partner’s ass, as in the siege of a medieval castle. Do not be lazy to spend an hour or two on preparation and relaxation.

8. Booty is dirty

Do you think your mouth is clean? For some reason, bacteria do not prevent you from kissing. Oral culture will scare the most stoic individuals. Let’s discard the comparative characteristics of the microbiological composition of saliva and feces, dwell on the most frightening criterion of acceptability – the smell. It is certainly not a vanilla aroma that comes from unwashed priests. But what stands in the way of personal hygiene? Wash yourself with scented soap, give an enema and the problem will be eliminated.

9. It’s humiliating

To endure regular beatings from an alcoholic spouse is what is humiliating, and it is not shameful to accept affection from a loved one, albeit through the rough entrance. The guy is not trying to show you his superiority or to prove his strength. Treat anal sex easier, do not apply the section of psychiatry that studies deviant behavior to your relationship. According to statistics, in real life, sick people are not as common as in thrillers.

10. I will definitely not like it

Oh, do not renounce! You have not tried it yet, and even if you had a negative experience with one partner, this does not mean that everything will be exactly the same with your current lover. One of my boyfriends ruined my impression of anal sex , but the next one made a titanic effort to melt the ice that bound this topic.

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